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Jim Bunning, Tough Pitcher, Senator, Dies at 85

Pitched first perfect game in National League history, headed to US Senate

(Newser) - Jim Bunning was an intimidating figure as a major-league pitcher and was just as hard-nosed and uncompromising as a US senator. "The main qualities it takes for professional athletes and politicians is to have a very thick hide, a thick skin, and to be able to meet and greet... More »

Jobless Man Sends Senator Angry Emails, Gets Arrested

Faces felony charges over notes to Bunning

(Newser) - When Sen. Jim Bunning single-handedly blocked an expansion of unemployment benefits—and complained that he'd had to miss a Kentucky-South Carolina basketball game to do it—unemployed Philadelphia man Bruce Shore did what any furious voter would do: he sent Bunning an email. “ARE you'all insane?” it read. “... More »

Senate Faces Another Fight on Extending Benefits

Starring Tom Coburn as Jim Bunning

(Newser) - With the Senate scheduled for a two-week recess after tomorrow, there’s another showdown brewing over unemployment benefits—and this time, the Republicans have introduced a bill of their own in an apparent effort to avoid the negative publicity that came with Sen. Jim Bunning’s one-man filibuster earlier this... More »

Jim Bunning Blocks More Obama Nominees

... over Canadian tobacco-flavoring law

(Newser) - Jim Bunning’s latest parliamentary maneuvering isn’t going to get in the way of anyone’s unemployment benefits, but might strike some as silly all the same: The Republican senator is blocking two minor Obama administration nominees to protest a Canadian law banning tobacco flavorings. And while the issue... More »

Bunning Shows Dems, GOP Are In Different Worlds

Time to give up on bipartisanship, writes Paul Krugman

(Newser) - The big lesson from Sen. Bunning's blockade of unemployment benefits is that the Democrats and Republicans are now in totally different universes, writes Paul Krugman. This is amply demonstrated by Republicam Senator Jon Kyl of Arizona's threat to block a bill extending benefits for the rest of the year in... More »

Jim Bunning: Why I Dug In

He says 'enough is enough' about Democrats' spending

(Newser) - Jim Bunning is unapologetic about his one-man stand on Capitol Hill. He doesn't object to jobless benefits, he writes, but to Democrats breaking their own rules about passing bills without paying for them. "Many people asked me, 'Why now?' My answer is, 'Why not now?' Why can't a non-controversial... More »

Bunning Cuts Deal, Ends Jobless Filibuster

Benefits will be extended a month; senator can offer amendment

(Newser) - Republican Jim Bunning has agreed to end the one-man filibuster that’s cut unemployment and other benefits to thousands of workers, making a deal with the Senate leaders of both parties tonight. Roll Call reports that Bunning will support a one-month extension of the benefits in return for the Senate... More »

Fellow Republicans Turn on Jim Bunning

Kentucky senator's freeze on employment measure draws bipartisan ire

(Newser) - Senate Republicans are breaking ranks as Jim Bunning continues to stall a $10 billion employment and health measure, with Susan Collins of Maine taking to the floor of the chamber this morning to express her "hope that we can act together for the American people." She urged Bunning... More »

Bunning Throws Tantrum, Flips ABC the Bird

Ducks query about filibuster, huffs into 'senators only elevator'

(Newser) - After using Senate procedure last week to block the extension of jobless benefits to millions, Republican Jim Bunning hid behind Senate privilege today rather than answer questions about it—after giving the middle finger to a reporter trying to ask him about it. ABC cameras didn’t catch that; reporter... More »

Bunning Filibuster Puts 2,000 Fed Workers on Furlough

Dept of Transportation workers placed on unpaid furlough

(Newser) - The Department of Transportation furloughed 2,000 workers without pay today, thanks to a filibuster from Republican Sen. Jim Bunning. Democrat and Republican leaders had agreed to pass a one-month extension of several standard federal programs, such as unemployment benefits, by unanimous consent, a process that makes voting unnecessary. Bunning’... More »

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