kid directs air traffic

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Air Tower Kids Feel Bad for Getting Dad Fired

Brother-in-law: 'We all take our kids to work'

(Newser) - The 9-year-old twins who were caught helping their dad direct traffic at JFK are devastated that their pop lost his job—and are blaming themselves. "They feel it's their fault," their uncle, Larry Johnstone, tells the Daily News . "They're thinking, 'Daddy's in trouble because of me.'"... More »

Kid Directs Air Traffic at JFK

Air traffic controller apparently allows child to take reins

(Newser) - Take Your Child to Work Day reached a whole new level when an air traffic controller apparently let his kid direct traffic at New York’s JFK airport, spurring an FAA investigation. The child’s voice is heard making five transmissions in audio recordings obtained by Fox , as pilots respond—... More »

2 Stories