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Rove, Cheney Just Making History Up

Bushies' conjurings 'know few bounds'

(Newser) - The simultaneous arrival of Karl Rove's memoir and Liz Cheney's "right-wing noise machine" means the "revisionist floodgates have opened," writes Frank Rich for the New York Times , a "rewriting of history that knows few bounds." And while Rove's book better passes for fiction and Cheney's... More »

Liz Cheney's 'Al-Qaeda 7' Attack 'Shameful': GOP

Top conservatives denounce 'Al-Qaeda 7' attacks

(Newser) - Attacks by Liz Cheney and GOP senators on lawyers appointed to the Obama Justice Department after defending suspected terrorists are "shameful," "unjust to the individuals in question," and "destructive of any attempt to build lasting mechanisms for counterterrorism adjudications," a group of top conservative... More »

Liz Cheney's 'Al-Qaeda 7' Ad Raises Uproar

Even conservatives say attack on Justice Dept. goes too far

(Newser) - The new attack ad launched by Liz Cheney’s Keep America Safe group is so nasty that even her fellow conservatives are attacking it, and some are invoking McCarthyism. The ad brands Department of Justice officials who once represented Guantanamo inmates the “Al Qaeda 7,” and implies that... More »

3 Stories