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Digg Sold for Just $500K

Sale price makes former web darling bigger flop than MySpace

(Newser) - Social media site Digg—or, at least, what's left of it—has been sold to BetaWorks for the bargain-basement price of just $500,000, sources tell the Wall Street Journal . The site, which allows users to post links and vote other submissions up or down, was once one of... More »

Google Plans 'Facebook Killer'

Search giant rumored to be trying social networking again

(Newser) - A single tweet from Digg co-founder Kevin Rose hinting at a Google challenger to Facebook has opened the floodgates of speculation about what a Google social network, aka "Google Me," would look like. Most focus on Google profiles, a service that establishes a small profile that comes up... More »

Perez Hilton Tops Internet Celebrity List

Forbes list includes Digg, Twitter, TechCrunch, Mashable founders

(Newser) - When it comes to Internet celebrity, Perez Hilton tops the list. The gossip blogger excels in all of Forbes ' criteria, including hits on Google, page views, media saturation, and Twitter followers. Each person on the list must be famous primarily for their Web presence. Herewith, the rest of the... More »

Tea: Hot Drink of Geek Elite

(Newser) - Silicon Valley’s tastemakers are trading coffee for the soothing sensation of fine tea, reports Wired. The same tech giants who helped fuel the Starbucks craze are flocking to expensive teas, and tea lounges are popping up in the Bay Area to meet the demand. “It’s the new... More »

Users Revolt After Digg Censors DVD Hackers

User-generated site pulls code, loses cred, reverses course

(Newser) - Web 2.0 blogs are rushing to declare Digg dead, after a night in which the site's main page was saturated with its own obituaries. The web's most popular user-generated news site prompted a mutiny by removing posts revealing how to crack encrypted DVDs and HDs. Digg said the illegal... More »

5 Stories