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Dr. Obama and Mr. Hyde

'High-minded' candidate is also cutthroat political animal

(Newser) - Barack Obama has two faces: there’s the "high-minded" liberal “Dr. Barack” and the politically calculating, win at-all-costs “Fast Eddie Obama,” writes David Brooks in the New York Times. The split personality clearly emerged in Obama’s announcement that he won’t accept public financing—a... More »

Getting Under Obama's Skin

A portrait of the candidate as a uniter in the Lincoln mold

(Newser) - Larissa MacFarquhar does an apt and artful deconstruction of Barack Obama's political persona in this week's New Yorker. Observing the candidate's oddly mild stump style, compared with the overachiever affect of most Democratic candidates, she notes that he is less professor than doctor, aiming not to whip up outrage but... More »

2 Stories