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Comedian, Civil Rights Activist Dick Gregory Dies

'I just hope God is ready for some outrageously funny times,' says icon's publicist

(Newser) - Dick Gregory, the comedian and activist and who broke racial barriers and used humor to promote social justice and nutritional health, has died at 84. Gregory died late Saturday of a severe bacterial infection in Washington, DC, son Christian Gregory told the AP . Whoopi Goldberg tweeted, "Condolences to his... More »

Bros to Basketball Fans: 'Consent Is a Slam-Dunk!'

Brocial Justice's feminist flyers draw attention outside Blazers games

(Newser) - "Our society is often more legit for dudes, let's use that privilege to give others the alley-oop!" So reads a flyer being handed out at Portland Trail Blazers games by a group of dudes going by the name Brocial Justice. The Oregonian reports the group started passing... More »

Man, I Love Occupy Wall Street

Eugene Robinson on why the protests are perfect for the moment

(Newser) - Eugene Robinson agrees that the Occupy Wall Street protesters “are inept, incoherent, and hopelessly quixotic." And yet? “I love every little thing about these gloriously amateurish sit-ins,” he gushes in the Washington Post . “I love that they are spontaneous, leaderless, and open-ended. I love that... More »

Glenn Beck Backpedals, Doesn't Hate the Poor, Jesus

Tries to clarify earlier 'social justice' remarks

(Newser) - "Why does Glenn Beck hate Jesus?" asked Time. Well, guess who has an answer? After catching all kinds of flak from the mag, the New York Times, and Christians for comparing "social justice" to Communism and Nazism, Beck clarified things last night. Or tried to: Sure, social justice... More »

Christians Boycott Beck for Church Bashing

Host says 'social justice' preaching is 'code word' for Nazism

(Newser) - For Glenn Beck, it may have just been business as usual when he compared “social justice” to Communism and Nazism last week and told parishioners to leave churches that espouse the doctrine, but the comments irked one leader enough for him to call for a boycott by all Christians.... More »

5 Stories