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Forest Cop on Bike Died After Surprising Grizzly

He had no time to brake, investigation finds

(Newser) - A federal report on the tragic death of Forest Service officer Brad Treat is out and the message is clear: Beware of what could be around the corner when you're mountain biking. The 38-year-old officer was mauled to death by a grizzly bear he surprised while mountain biking with... More »

Guy Drives to the Hospital With a Branch in His Neck

40-year-old mountain biker is lucky to be alive, doctors say

(Newser) - Keeping calm after, say, getting impaled by a tree branch might just save your life, doctors say. Take the example of a 40-year-old man who took a tumble while mountain biking in New Mexico. When he dusted himself off, he found the left side of his neck had been impaled... More »

Antelope Rams Racing Mountain Biker

Evan van der Spuy suffers miraculously few injuries

(Newser) - One minute, Evan van der Spuy was competing in a South Africa mountain bike race; the next, he was flat on his back after a charging antelope rocked his world. The Red Hartebeest buck slammed right into the 17-year-old, then got to its feet and ran off, the Telegraph reports.... More »

British Exchange Student Vanishes in Virginia

Jonny Dorey vanishes while mountain biking

(Newser) - A British exchange student at a Virginia university has vanished after heading out to the woods for mountain biking. Jonny Dorey, 22, last used his cell phone that morning nearly two weeks ago. Two police searches have failed to turn up any trace of the geography student in the Richmond... More »

4 Stories