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Cops Find Baby Koala in Woman's Backpack

Alfred will now get a proper home

(Newser) - A woman was arrested "on outstanding matters" during a traffic stop in Brisbane on Sunday with a rather cute companion. Asked if she had anything to declare, the 50-year-old woman handed officers a canvas backpack, claiming a baby koala was inside, reports the BBC . "Not quite believing their... More »

Why 25% of Mammals Commit Infanticide

It boils down to sex, researchers say

(Newser) - The co-author of a new study estimates that 25% of our planet's mammals practice infanticide—and she thinks she knows why. Elise Huchard and Dieter Lukas studied 260 species; in about 45% of them, babies are killed by male adults. And it all boils down to sex, says Huchard.... More »

Don't Eat Baby Animals ... They Just Don't Taste Good

A veal-scarfing food writer offers an odd argument for passing on piglets

(Newser) - Josh Ozersky is a James Beard award-winning food writer, but he's no morality cop: In an essay for Time , he admits to eating our planet's wee creatures: "veal cutlets, suckling pigs, spring lambs, game hens." And he has come to terms with that. But he does... More »

Baby Sea Lion Goes Up on the Roof

California man hears noises, finds visitor on 2nd-floor deck

(Newser) - A California man who heard noises outside his apartment investigated and found himself nose-to-snout with a baby sea lion—on his two-story building's roof deck. "I think, maybe this guy can be my friend?" blogged Mike Kai . "Maybe he can live in my bathtub like the 1994 classic... More »

'Maybe the Cutest Baby Animal Video Ever'

Lamb frolics in empty house, and hearts melt

(Newser) - Think a lamb running from room to room in an empty house is a scene from a dream or a Japanese horror film? Wrong. According to The Frisky , the video above is "maybe the cutest baby animal video ever." We hope Bea, "who’s as playful as... More »

5 Stories