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Texas Relaunches Evolution Debate

Pearson biology textbook under fire

(Newser) - The long-simmering battle over teaching evolution in Texas has boiled over again. At issue this time are proposed textbooks that could be used statewide starting next school year. With midnight looming last night, some state education board members singled out a biology textbook by Pearson Education, one of America's... More »

Texas Board: Textbooks Have Pro-Islam Bias

Education officials want publishers to fix 'anti-Christian' tone

(Newser) - The Texas Board of Education issued a warning to textbook publishers today: It wants future social studies books to fix what it sees as a pro-Islam and anti-Christian bias, reports the Dallas Morning News . "What we're trying to do is prohibit and send a clear message to the publishers... More »

Texas OKs More Conservative HS Curriculum

Social studies, history guidelines influence teaching of millions

(Newser) - The Texas State Board of Education adopted new social studies and history guidelines today after an ideological debate over academic standards that drew intense scrutiny. The board gave the curriculum a more conservative bent by dictating how political events and figures will be taught to some 4.8 million primary... More »

Texas Pols Tussle Over Obama's Name in Textbooks

Schools to take hard right with curriculum changes

(Newser) - The slave trade was actually the "Atlantic triangular trade," and capitalism is always "free enterprise" under textbook changes to be voted on as early as today in Texas. The Board of Education, putting the final touches on the new guidelines yesterday, finally agreed to add the current... More »

Texas Board of Ed Is at the Forefront of 'History Wars'

Anti-intellectualism is spreading, writes Thomas Frank

(Newser) - The Texas Board of Education's push to put a conservative spin on the state's textbook standards shows that the culture wars are becoming history wars, writes Thomas Frank. The board backs up decisions like ordering textbook writers to replace the word "capitalism" with "free enterprise" with anti-intellectual, anti-liberal... More »

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