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This Psychological Thrill Ride Is a 'Gift'

Critics applaud Joel Edgerton's directorial debut, as well as his acting

(Newser) - A married couple played by Jason Bateman (Simon) and Rebecca Hall (Robin) move from Chicago to LA where they re-encounter a high school acquaintance who lavishes them with housewarming presents and tries to work his way into their lives in The Gift. It's a twisted thriller from first-time director... More »

Transcendence Aims High, Falls Flat

Wally Pfister film stars Johnny Depp, Rebecca Hall

(Newser) - Transcendence, starring Johnny Depp and Rebecca Hall, tells the story of a dying scientist whose wife uploads his brain onto a computer. Wally Pfister's directorial debut (he's been Christopher Nolan's longtime cinematographer) raises worthwhile questions about technology, identity, and good and evil, critics say—but they're... More »

Why the Split? Kate Got 'Bored'

Plus, friends squash those Rebecca Hall rumors

(Newser) - Friends of Sam Mendes were quick to shoot down yesterday’s rumors that another woman came between him and soon-to-be-ex-wife Kate Winslet. “Yes, they know each other, but that's about it,” says one source of Rebecca Hall, who starred in a few of Mendes’ productions. In fact, Hall... More »

Leo Helping Kate Through Divorce

Plus, Sam Mendes finds his own special friend

(Newser) - Kate Winslet’s best friend and two-time onscreen lover is helping her through her divorce from Sam Mendes. Leonardo DiCaprio and Winslet “were so young when Titanic came out, so it's fair to say they basically grew up together, professionally at least,” a source tells the Sun . "... More »

4 Stories