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House Scraps 'Deem and Pass' Procedure

It will hold a standard vote on the Senate bill tomorrow

(Newser) - "Deem and pass" is heading back into legislative obscurity. House leaders today decided not to use the controversial procedure on health care reform. Instead, the chamber will hold a standard vote on the Senate health bill and another on a package of amendments, reports the Washington Post . The final... More »

Kudos to Baier for Showing How to Handle Obama

Health care interview was 'startling and revealing'

(Newser) - Fox's Bret Baier performed a vital public service in his "startling and revealing" interview with President Obama on health care, writes Peggy Noonan. Unlike the vast majority of reporters, Baier refused to let Obama filibuster his way through the interview, and by doing so exposed the amazing fact the... More »

Not So Fast: Rushing Health Bill Is 'Idiotic'

Rather than deem and pass, let's slow down

(Newser) - Now that Democrats are considering “shoving” health care reform through with deem and pass, it’s time to ask: “Is this sane?” One thing is certain: “Rushing to do the wrong thing is, in a word, idiotic,” writes Kathleen Parker, and it’s high past time... More »

GOP's Take on 'Deem and Pass' Is Sheer Hypocrisy

They used it 35 times, writes Norman Ornstein

(Newser) - Hey, Wall Street Journal editorial board and other Republican “acolytes” and apologists: There is nothing remotely novel or “unconstitutional” about House Democrats using “deem and pass” to push through health care legislation, writes Norman J. Ornstein. You’ve already achieved “a ridiculous level of misinformation and... More »

4 Stories