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Mount Reagan? It's a Step Closer in Congress

Clears committee, but 'Planet Reagan' goes nowhere

(Newser) - Ronald Reagan has a long list of highways, buildings, and even airports named in his honor across the US, but no official mountain. Today, however, the House Natural Resources Committee approved a measure by Nevada Republican Joe Heck to rename a part of Frenchman Mountain outside Vegas "Mount Reagan,... More »

Reagan Shooter to Spend Most of His Time on Outside

John Hinckley granted 17 days per month at mother's home

(Newser) - It's quite the step up from the series of 10-day excursions he was once allowed to make outside the mental hospital he's called home since shooting Ronald Reagan in 1981. John Hinckley will now be allowed to stay with his mother in Williamsburg, Virginia, for 17 days per... More »

US Helped Saddam Gas Iran

CIA files reveal that 4 chemical weapon attacks relied on US intel

(Newser) - The US may be outraged by Syria's alleged use of chemical weapons, but its hands aren't exactly clean of gas or blood. Newly declassified CIA documents prove that the US gave intelligence to Saddam Hussein, including satellite imagery, Iranian troop locations, and more, that was used to plan... More »

GOP, It's Time to Ditch Blind Faith to Reagan

Jennifer Rubin says his 'myth' is threatening the party's future

(Newser) - Plenty of Republicans have "unfailing reverence" for Ronald Reagan, writes conservative blogger Jennifer Rubin at the Washington Post . In fact, too many of them do, and it's threatening to destroy the party, she warns. They forget, apparently, that Reagan served in the 1980s—and he acted in ways... More »

Obama's True Predecessor: Reagan

The Gipper is Obama's 'role model,' writes EJ Dionne Jr.

(Newser) - President Obama is following in the footsteps not of a liberal giant, but of a conservative one: His "role model is Ronald Reagan," writes EJ Dionne Jr. in the Washington Post . Obama himself admitted as much during his 2008 campaign, when he said that "Ronald Reagan changed... More »

History Might Decide to Like Obama Just Fine

For starters, he won a second term: Nate Silver

(Newser) - Neither of Nate Silver's picks even made it to the Super Bowl, but the stats whiz returns his gaze to politics today—specifically how President Obama might rank in history when all is said and done. Yes, he's aware that what Obama does or doesn't do in... More »

Robert Bork, Polarizing High Court Nominee, Dies

Famed conservative jurist died of heart complications

(Newser) - Robert Bork, the conservative judge whose 1987 nomination to the Supreme Court sparked a political brawl and ended in failure, died today of heart complications, reports Fox News . He was 85. Bork was a solicitor general who became acting attorney general under Richard Nixon during the height of the Watergate... More »

Obama Now Faces the '2nd-Term Curse'

Ever since George Washington, it's been a tough 4 years

(Newser) - The election is in the bag, but the fight isn't over for President Obama. Now he must fend off the so-called "second-term curse" that has dogged presidents from George Washington to George W, writes Adam Clymer in the New York Times . Washington faced protests over a post-Revolutionary War... More »

Liz Taylor Slept With Reagan, JFK

Book alleges threesome with JFK, 'Unsolved Mysteries' guy

(Newser) - A new—and, of course, unauthorized—biography of Elizabeth Taylor unloads an absolute treasure trove of delightfully scandalous revelations. Chief among them: Liz allegedly slept with Ronald Reagan when she was a teen and he was 36, according to Elizabeth Taylor: There Is Nothing Like a Dame by Danforth Prince... More »

Sullivan: Obama Could Be the Next Reagan

And Romney is a uniquely religious data cruncher: New Yorker

(Newser) - From poll numbers to political vision, President Obama most resembles one iconic president: President Reagan, argues Andrew Sullivan in Newsweek . After waging a spirited defense of Obama's "long-term" policies in January, Sullivan has the president's back again, saying Obama could "resolve the three-decade-long battle between taxes... More »

'Are You Better Off?' Well, It's Irrelevant

Ezra Klein points out that the president's 'record' doesn't mean a ton

(Newser) - Mitt Romney has been feverishly reciting Ronald Regan's famous quote: "Are you better off than you were four years ago?" But that's a "dumb campaign question," Ezra Klein writes for Bloomberg , because "four years ago, George W. Bush was still president." Romney himself... More »

Romney Was Wrong to Ignore Troops, War

Bill Kristol says candidate made mistake skipping the soldiers

(Newser) - Despite having 68,000 Americans serving in Afghanistan, Mitt Romney made no mention about the war in his acceptance speech Thursday evening, earning him a harsh rebuke from conservative Bill Kristol in the Weekly Standard . "Leave aside the question of the political wisdom of Romney's silence, and the... More »

Reagan Hologram Skips Convention

Republicans feared it would upstage Mitt

(Newser) - Despite conflicting reports, there really were plans for a Ronald Reagan hologram to wow Republican National Convention attendees Tupac-style, according to Yahoo News . The holo-Reagan was to have appeared outside the convention hall to give a speech supporting the JOBS act—but Republican leaders decided that the hologram might upstage... More »

7 Celebrity Love Letters

Stars, VIPs woo their partners

(Newser) - Today's celebrities have sexting; yesterday's had the love letter. The Huffington Post rounds up seven romantic notes from VIPs to their significant others:
  • Johnny Cash to June Carter-Cash: "The ring of fire still burns around you and I, keeping our love hotter than a pepper sprout."
... More »

Jeb Bush: Reagan, Dad Wouldn't Make It in This GOP

But that's a 'temporary' problem

(Newser) - Today's Republicans wouldn't back a leader like Ronald Reagan or George HW Bush, says the latter's son. "Based on his record of finding accommodation, finding some degree of common ground," Reagan, as well as Poppy Bush, "would have a hard time if you define... More »

Let's Spend Like Reagan

Krugman: He was a bigger spender than Obama in first years

(Newser) - At this point in his presidency, Ronald Reagan was presiding over a strong recovery, and President Obama clearly is not. The biggest difference? Government spending, writes Paul Krugman in the New York Times . Real per-capita government spending is up 6.4% under Obama, but under Reagan it soared 14.4%.... More »

Romney's Latest Typo: Ronald 'Regan'

Former president of 'Amercia'

(Newser) - Remember Ronald Regan? You know, the president of the United States of Amercia during the '80s? The Romney campaign's fourth known misspelling comes via a chart comparing various presidents' approval ratings during May of their reelection years, posted on BuzzFeed . So far, no misspellings on Romney's offical... More »

Auction of Ronald Reagan's Blood Canceled

It will be donated to his foundation instead

(Newser) - The creepy auction of Ronald Reagan's blood has been canceled. Instead, the seller will donate the vial to Reagan's presidential foundation in California, reports the Wall Street Journal . Europe's PFC Auctions announced the move today after Reagan's family called the auction unseemly. Bidding had reached $30,... More »

Infuriating Fans, 'Reagan's Blood' to Be Auctioned

A vial supposedly taken from president post-1981 shooting on the block

(Newser) - It may sound creepy to you, but to the head of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation, it's "craven": A UK-based auctioneer has put a vial purported to hold Reagan's blood up on the block. PFC Auctions says a lab technician spirited the blood out of the hospital... More »

Obama on Buffett Rule: It's Really the Reagan Rule

President gives speech flanked by millionaires and their secretaries

(Newser) - So much for the Romney Rule . President Obama has settled on another way to rebrand the Buffett Rule, which would impose a 30% minimum tax on income above $1 million, Roll Call reports. "I’m not the first president to call for this idea that everybody’s got to... More »

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