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Scream 4 Offers Hackneyed Hacks

Neve Campbell stars in Wes Craven's latest

(Newser) - After a decade, the Scream franchise is back—and not much has changed. What the critics are saying:
  • “How long can [director Wes] Craven and [writer Kevin] Williamson milk the same shtick—mocking B movies and being one—before the audience catches on that they’re running around in
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Scream 4 Set for 2011 Release

Wes Craven, Neve Campbell will return

(Newser) - April 15 of next year will be scary for more than just tax-related reasons: Scream 4 will hit theaters. The latest film in the franchise is scheduled for release more than a decade after Scream 3, and will start shooting this spring, Variety reports. Wes Craven is back as director,... More »

2 Stories