Grigory Perelman

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Math Genius Turned Down $1M Prize 'Because It's Unfair'

Grigory Perelman finally explains

(Newser) - The reclusive Russian genius who solved one of math's most baffling problems has finally explained why he doesn't want the cool million that he won for doing so: It's just not fair. Grigory Perelman, who refused to speak to reporters camped outside his roach-infested St. Petersburg flat after his feat... More »

Math Genius Turns Down $1M Prize

Reclusive Grigory Perelman refuses to explain himself

(Newser) - Grigory Perelman has solved one of math’s most intractable problems, a century-old puzzle that carries a $1 million prize. There’s just one problem: Perelman doesn’t want the money, and he won’t say why. He won’t say anything, in fact. Ever since the Clay Mathematics Institute... More »

2 Stories