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Naked Mole Rats Can Do What No Other Vertebrate Can

Oxygen deprivation? Bring it

(Newser) - Scientists already know enough about naked mole rats to put them in the "strange" category. The hairless ground-dwelling wonders are notable for being cold-blooded mammals that are practically immune to cancer and far outlive other rodents, reports Science Daily . Now scientists say they've observed the creatures surviving without... More »

The Solution to Your Soda Habit: 12K Steps

Fights negative effects of fructose: study

(Newser) - Drinking a lot of soda packed with high-fructose corn syrup is, of course, not a healthy choice—but its ill effects aren't so hard to fight. A study's recommendation: Walk more, the New York Times reports. In a study out this month , a researcher had two groups of... More »

Sugar, Not Obesity, Is Our 'Smoking Gun'

Study conclusively finds that sugar is toxic, declares Mark Bittman

(Newser) - Sugar is "toxic," and is hands-down the biggest problem with the American diet, declares Mark Bittman in the New York Times . He cites a new study that finds increased sugar consumption is linked to increased diabetes rates, regardless of obesity rates. "In other words, according to this... More »

Why We Overeat: Fructose?

Study found the sugar can trigger brain changes

(Newser) - Scientists have used imaging tests to show for the first time that fructose, a sugar that saturates the American diet, can trigger brain changes that may lead to overeating. After drinking a fructose beverage, the brain doesn't register the feeling of being full as it does when simple glucose... More »

High-Fructose Corn Syrup Can Also Make You Dumb

'Alters your brain's ability to learn and remember information,' says researcher

(Newser) - Too much high-fructose corn syrup could do more than just make you fat : It could also make you stupid. A new study on rats found that after just six weeks on a high-fructose diet, the rats’ brain synaptic activity had been so affected that they had trouble recalling a maze... More »

Sugar Will Duke It Out With Corn Syrup in Court

Sugar producers cite false advertising

(Newser) - It's a battle of the sweeteners. The sugar industry is taking the makers of corn syrup to court in a much-anticipated case that starts tomorrow. Sugar producers say corn syrup makers are guilty of false advertising in their assertion that the two products are "nutritionally the same" and... More »

It's Time to Regulate Sugar

Fructose must be limited with taxes, age limits: UC profs

(Newser) - Tobacco, alcohol, and ... sugar? Yes, according to professors at UC San Francisco, sugar should be regulated like tobacco and alcohol in order to cut down on ailments like heart disease, high blood pressure, and fatty liver disease, the Los Angeles Times reports. “For both alcohol and tobacco, there is... More »

Corn Syrup Makes You Fatter Than Sugar

Princeton researchers say rat study answers contentious question

(Newser) - It may not end the debate, but researchers say they have definitively proven that high-fructose corn syrup is many times more likely to contribute to obesity than sugar. The Princeton team gave one group of rats water spiked with sugar, and another water with corn syrup. Though the sugar water... More »

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