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Economist Rose Friedman Dead at 98

Collaborated with husband Milton on foundational texts

(Newser) - Rose Friedman, economist and collaborator with husband and Nobel laureate Milton Friedman, died yesterday of heart failure, the Chicago Tribune reports. Rose was the co-author of Capitalism and Freedom and Free to Choose, two foundational texts of the Chicago School of economics. Though birth records from her birthplace in modern-day... More »

Ooops: Chicago Schools Not the Miracle Obama Claimed

(Newser) - Arne Duncan isn’t quite the miracle worker Barack Obama made him out to be, according to a new study from a Chicago civic group. When Obama introduced his nominee for education secretary, he boasted that Duncan had boosted elementary school test results “From 38% of students meeting the... More »

Satellite Sisters

XM and Sirius may have unlikely rescuers from the Chicago School of Economics

(Newser) - Jim Surowiecki describes how the “Chicago School” of economists revolutionized anti-trust thinking in the 1970s. By arguing that it is not the number of competitors but rather their strength that mattered, these economists posited that some mergers stimulate competition. More »

3 Stories