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Neo-Nazi Set to Win GOP Nomination in lllinois Race

Arthur Jones is running unopposed in primary

(Newser) - "I hate Illinois Nazis," declared John Belushi's character in The Blues Brothers. He would not have liked Arthur Jones. Jones, a neo-Nazi who describes the Holocaust as an "extortion racket," is set to win the Republican nomination for the state's 3rd Congressional District, which... More »

Lawmaker to Airlines: Don't Even Think About 'Pee Fees'

Illinois rep's bill looks to ban any future fees for bathroom, crack down on baggage fees

(Newser) - Your typical airline passenger is stuck in a cramped box several miles in the air—already peeved by baggage fees , reduced legroom , and a generally miserable experience—so why not, when nature calls, hit them with another fee to hit the bathroom? Ryanair floated the idea in 2010, disastrously , but... More »

Obama to Health Turncoats: You're On Your Own

Labor groups plan to punish those who voted against reform

(Newser) - The five Democrats who switched their health care votes from “yea” to “nay” have a lot fewer friends in Washington these days—and it'll likely hurt them at home. The White House and organized labor groups tell Politico they won’t help, and may actively oppose, their reelection... More »

3 Stories