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Officials Won't Release Tsarnaev's Welfare Records

Tamerlan's family received some benefits

(Newser) - Tamerlan Tsarnaev's family received some welfare aid up until last year, but the Patrick administration is refusing the Boston Herald's request for details, citing Tsarnaev's right to privacy. The state wouldn't give out information on any unemployment compensation either, nor would the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth... More »

Obama to Health Turncoats: You're On Your Own

Labor groups plan to punish those who voted against reform

(Newser) - The five Democrats who switched their health care votes from “yea” to “nay” have a lot fewer friends in Washington these days—and it'll likely hurt them at home. The White House and organized labor groups tell Politico they won’t help, and may actively oppose, their reelection... More »

2 Stories