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Big Medicare Change Widens Coverage

Nursing patients now won't need to show potential to improve

(Newser) - In order to receive coverage for therapies like skilled nursing, many Medicare beneficiaries have for decades had to show potential for improvement in their condition. But the Obama administration's settlement of a lawsuit is poised to change all that, the New York Times reports. The result is a big... More »

AT&T Offers $150 Fix for Patchy Coverage

3G MicroCell is like a mini cell tower

(Newser) - AT&T knows its cellular and 3G service isn’t quite up to par, and it’s going to help you fix it—for $150. Enter the 3G MicroCell, a sort of miniature cell tower. The so-called “femtocell” uses your home or business broadband connection to beam out a... More »

2 Stories