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Assessing John Edwards' Comeback Chances

Atlantic polls image-makers on how to repair the damage

(Newser) - John Edwards’ public image hit new lows the past week, but the likes Richard Nixon, Eliot Spitzer, and Michael Milken have made successful comebacks, the Atlantic notes, in polling political spin doctors about Edwards’ comeback chances:
  • Bob Shrum: "The reality is so contrary to the image that he projected,
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Ex-McCain Adviser Slams Britney Ad as 'Childish'

Weaver breaks silence after leaving campaign last year

(Newser) - Former John McCain strategist and “Straight Talk Express" architect John Weaver blasted McCain's latest ad as "childish" today, the Atlantic reports. Breaking his silence about the campaign, Weaver said that the attack ad likening Barack Obama to Britney Spears and Paris Hilton “diminishes” and “reduces McCain... More »

McCain Advisers Big on Loyalty, Dissension

Infighting between current, former top advisers colors campaign

(Newser) - John McCain’s inner circle is a hotbed of animosity and infighting among his fiercely loyal advisers, Jason Zengerle writes in the New Republic. Years of Freudian feuding by John Weaver and Rick Davis created a team divided not only on personal lines, but also on philosophical ones, between a... More »

McCain Camp Fractures

Two major advisers resign—may signal the end of the campaign

(Newser) - Two major aides have decamped from John McCain's beleaguered presidential campaign, sparking rumors that they were fired and fueling suspicions that the Straight Talk Express is close to derailing. Terry Nelson, McCain's campaign manager, and John Weaver, his chief strategist, hopped off this morning, both with minimal statements assuring their... More »

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