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Hutaree Video Stars Evil Dildo-Wielding Man-Duck

In Kris Sickles masterpiece, genitals partially obscured by GWB mask

(Newser) - Adjust your opinion of Kristopher Sickles—one of the Hutaree militia members jailed on suspicion of sedition and conspiracy to murder a police officer—according to a YouTube video dug up by TPMMuckracker which is super NSFW. In it, Sickles awakens in a field naked save for a picture of... More »

Feds Nab Militia Leader's Son

Stone's wife, adult sons among the indicted

(Newser) - Authorities have apprehended Joshua Matthew Stone, the last of the nine Hutaree militia members indicted yesterday for an alleged plot to kill law enforcement officials. Stone, son of Hutaree leader David Brian Stone, was found hiding in a home yesterday with five adults and a toddler. There was a standoff,... More »

Dems' Reaction to Angry Right Is Ridiculous

Left is exaggerating, exploiting tensions, writes Jonah Goldberg

(Newser) - People like the Alabama militia leader who advocated breaking the windows of Democratic politicians are "wrong, reprehensible and clownish," but the Democratic reaction is just as bad, writes Jonah Goldberg. Some overheated commentators have gone so far as to draw parallels between that incident and Kristallnacht when there's... More »

Militia Planned to Kill Cops, Spark 'Uprising': Feds

Suspects accused of conspiring to 'levy war' on the US

(Newser) - Nine members of a Midwestern Christian militia group were charged with conspiring to kill police officers today, in what the indictment says was an attempt to “levy war” against the US government. According to prosecutors, they hoped to kill enough local law enforcement officials to draw other police from... More »

FBI Raids Christian Militia, Arrests 7

Group has 'issue' with federal firearms regulators: FBI

(Newser) - An anti-terrorism joint task force arrested seven people today connected to a Christian militia group. FBI agents plan to unseal charges today against the individuals connected to the Hutaree, a group of self-described "Christian soldiers" preparing to battle the anti-Christ. The Hutaree are active in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana.... More »

5 Stories