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Phoebe Prince Bullying Case Over: No Jail for 5 Teens

She hanged herself in January; charges dropped against sixth teen

(Newser) - Five teens accused of bullying teenage classmate Phoebe Prince into suicide accepted plea deals today and yesterday and will get probation and community service but no jail time. Charges have been dropped against a sixth teen accused of statutory rape, notes AP . Phoebe's mother once again publicly addressed her... More »

Phoebe Prince: a 'Mean Girl' Turned Victim

Her sad and tragic tale gets sadder, more complicated

(Newser) - Until now, Phoebe Prince has been universally regarded as simply the victim in a tragic story, tormented by "mean girls" who drove her to commit suicide . But the real story is more complicated, and even more tragic, as Emily Bazelon reveals in her continued in-depth look at Prince's life... More »

The Truth About What Happened to Phoebe Prince

The tragic case is more complicated than it seems

(Newser) - Much has been made in the press about the mean girls who tormented Phoebe Prince daily , allegedly pushing her to commit suicide in January. Six of the "bullies" are facing serious criminal charges that could land them in jail for a decade. But should the burden of her suicide... More »

Bullied Girl Asked School for Help Before Suicide

Phoebe Prince said administrators didn't plan to intervene

(Newser) - Phoebe Prince, desperate to escape the bullies who tormented her daily, went to administrators at her high school for help—and was turned away. Prince told officials she was "scared and wanted to go home" because of a relentless campaign of bullying and beatings by schoolmates, the Boston Globe... More »

There's No 'Mean Girl' Epidemic

It's just media sensationalism, and it's dangerous

(Newser) - Phoebe Prince’s bullying and suicide have led to an uproar about the “mean girls” lurking in schools everywhere—but is there really an increase in such incidents? “This panic is a hoax,” write Mike Males and Meda-Chesney Lind in the New York Times , citing numerous crime... More »

Bully's Mom Blames Dead Girl for Own Suicide

She started 'calling names,' says mother

(Newser) - The mother of a teenager charged with bullying a classmate into suicide is blaming the dead victim for what happened. The cyberbullying began after the dead girl, Phoebe Prince, started calling her daughter "names" at their Massachusetts high school, said mom Angeles Chanon of her daughter Sharon. "Phoebe... More »

Adults Failed Bully Victim Phoebe Prince

They all looked the other way before and after suicide

(Newser) - The Boston teenagers accused of bullying fellow student Phoebe Prince into suicide may get their comeuppance in court. But what about the grownups, wonders Kevin Cullen. Those supposedly-in-charge folks who did nothing to help a girl in trouble and then adopted a "look-the-other-way, kids-will-be-kids culture" after she killed herself.... More »

9 Mass. Teens Charged in Bullied Girl's Suicide

Phoebe Prince, 15, was raped, harassed: cops

(Newser) - Nine teenagers have been charged in connection with the death of a Massachusetts teen who committed suicide in January after being bullied and abused in school and on Facebook. The charges include statutory rape, harassment, and violation of civil rights. Phoebe Prince, 15, who had recently moved to the US... More »

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