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Mailman on Dug-Up Mail: 'Looks Like I'm Going to Jail'

11K pieces of mail were reportedly found in Michigan ravine

(Newser) - Neither snow nor rain can keep most mail carriers from their duties, but a too-taxing workload apparently derailed ex-Indiana mailman Kristopher Block. He's now charged with misdemeanor theft and felony "official misconduct" after allegedly not delivering 17,000 pieces of mail, the Indianapolis Star reports. What the former... More »

Knife-Stealing Crow Wreaking Havoc Again

This time Canuck attacked a mail carrier

(Newser) - It’s been awhile since Canuck stole a knife from a crime scene, so perhaps boredom had set in. Or perhaps the crow just has a taste for blood. Either way, the local celebrity in Vancouver, Canada, shut down mail service to several addresses in the city for more than... More »

After Mysterious Journey, 1914 Letter Found in Mail

It may have been dropped in the mail recently

(Newser) - When a mail carrier found a discolored envelope among his stash of letters earlier this month, a few things stood out, the AP notes. For one, the envelope had been slit open at the top, apparently by a letter opener, quite some time ago. For another, it had been mailed... More »

Nothing Stops the Mail …Except One Carrier's Major Snake Phobia

'Snake-free zone. Could we pleeze have our mail?'

(Newser) - “Rain, snow, but not the snakes?” Fox 32 Chicago quotes Bill Hawkins as saying. Hawkins and his neighbors in Chicago's Rogers Park are having a hard time getting their mail thanks to the annual springtime boom in garter snakes and a mail carrier deathly afraid of them. A... More »

Desperate to Read, Boy Asks Mailman for Junk Mail

He says reading is interesting, 'Plus, it gets you smarter'

(Newser) - It all started when Ron Lynch, a mail carrier in Sandy, Utah, spotted a boy sifting through ads and newsletters in a junk mail bin. The boy, 12-year-old Mathew Flores, asked Lynch if he could spare any junk mail because he was looking for reading material; Lynch suggested the library,... More »

Hidden in Mail Carrier's Dead Mom's House: Mail

Kentucky man gets prison time

(Newser) - A Kentucky mail carrier felt he was a little too busy to deliver all his mail and will spend six months in prison as a result, reports the Courier-Journal . Authorities found about 45,000 pieces of mail set aside by William "Brent" Morse. "He wanted to speed up... More »

Cops: Lazy Mailman Trashed 1K Letters, Packages

Patrick Paskett charged with mail destruction

(Newser) - If you never got grandma's Christmas card and happen to live on Long Island, this might explain things: A mail carrier threw more than a thousand pieces of mail into garbage bins along his Massapequa and Seaford route ... simply because he was too lazy to deliver them, police say,... More »

Longest Mail Route in the Country: 187 Miles, 9 Hours

Jim Ed Bull has been driving the route for 13 years

(Newser) - Jim Ed Bull has put nearly 300,000 miles on his red Ford Ranger, many of them from delivering the mail. For 13 years, the 72-year-old has been working for the US Postal Service, and at 187 miles, his mail route is the longest in the country, NBC News reports.... More »

USPS Worker Ignores Body on Porch, Delivers Mail

Says he thought it was leftover Halloween decor

(Newser) - Neither snow nor rain ... nor a lifeless body? A family in Denver is outraged after they say their mailman walked past a body to deliver the mail without stopping to help, reports ABC 7 News . Dale Porch was returning from a late-night shift last week when he collapsed on the... More »

'Postman Santa' Wins Standoff With US Mail

Letter carrier who threatened to 'go rogue' allowed to don red suit

(Newser) - After getting some bad publicity, the US Postal Service has decided not to prevent a kindly, bearded man from wearing a red hat and jacket as he makes his mail deliveries. For the last decade, letter carrier Bob McLean had worn a Santa hat and jacket during the holiday season,... More »

Report Finds Theft, Fraud Among Mail Carriers

But also some heroism ...

(Newser) - The Washington Post checks out a watchdog report about the nation's 574,000 mail carriers and finds some doozies:
  • A Maryland carrier admitted to burning piles of mail in an abandoned lot and was sentenced to six months in jail.
  • A carrier in Cincinnati stole $10,000 in cash
... More »

Mailman Blames Thievery on Rollercoaster, Dodges Jail

Disney's Thunder Mountain induced PTSD: lawyer

(Newser) - A British postman escaped a jail sentence by blaming his repeated mail theft on a rollercoaster. An August ride on Disney’s Thunder Mountain prompted flashbacks of a childhood schoolbus accident that killed eight and hospitalized the future mail carrier, his lawyer told the court. The flashbacks led to post-traumatic... More »

Dive-Bombing Bird Stops Mail in Canadian Town

(Newser) - Residents of a Calgary suburb will have to pick up their own mail, since it seems that a hawk in the area has a personal grudge against the local mail carrier. The bird, identified as a Swainson's hawk, started terrorizing the post office worker in June, once diving with such... More »

20,000 Letters Found in Missing Mailman's Garage

Some of the undelivered mail dates back to 1997

(Newser) - When a Philadelphia mailman didn't show up for work several days in a row last month, postal officials got worried. So they paid a visit to his home, little suspecting what they'd find there: roughly 20,000 undelivered and unopened pieces of mail, some dating to 1997. Paychecks, bills, and... More »

Postal Service Moves to Halt Saturday Delivery

Long-awaited plan would save $3.3B

(Newser) - The Postal Service will eliminate Saturday delivery in early 2011 and save $3.3 billion in just the first year of the new schedule, according to a regulatory filing. The cutback has been contemplated for some time, but today's announcement marks the first USPS confirmation of the exact plan, which... More »

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