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'Russia's Osama' Dead, Militants Say

Chechen rebel Doku Umarov replaced by Dagestani

(Newser) - The Chechen rebel leader labeled "Russia's Osama" has been declared dead by authorities several times but this time looks like the real deal: A website used as a mouthpiece for Islamic militant groups in southern Russia says Doku Umarov, 49, has joined those "who fulfilled their contract... More »

Crazy Restricted Zone Goes Up Around Sochi Today

Vladimir Putin's measures may be most extreme of any Olympics

(Newser) - An ominous new report on Vocativ says the Sochi Olympics may be the most extreme, security-wise, in the history of the Games—the site describes "a gulag-style restricted area" instituted by Vladimir Putin. The Christian Science Monitor calls the restricted zone the "ring of steel," an area... More »

Behind the Bombings: 'Russia's Osama'?

Doku Umarov linked to series of attacks

(Newser) - After three bombings in Volgograd in three months , the name Doku Umarov is coming up frequently as a possible link. Who is the 49-year-old who has dubbed himself the "emir of Caucasus Emirate"? London's Times (via the Australian ) calls him "Russia's Osama bin Laden.... More »

Olympic Fears Mount as 2nd Blast Rocks Russia

Officials believe Volgograd bombings linked

(Newser) - A second major terrorist attack in the space of 24 hours has shaken the Russian city of Volgograd, less than six weeks before the start of the Sochi Olympics. Authorities say at least 14 people were killed in an apparent suicide attack on an electric trolleybus close to a hospital... More »

Did Brothers' Chechen Origins Play a Role?

At this point, any connection is hazy at best

(Newser) - Reports that the two brothers accused in the Boston Marathon bombings are Chechens —a heavily Muslim ethnic group that hails from the North Caucasus region—have wire services scrambling to provide context to Chechnya's long and violent fight for independence from Russia. One primer in wide circulation today... More »

Agents Foil Plot to Kill Putin

News comes six days before Russia's presidential election

(Newser) - Just released information about a bust that happened weeks ago: Russian TV reports that Ukrainian and Russian intelligence agents arrested a team plotting to assassinate Vladimir Putin. An explosion drew officials to an Odessa apartment housing would-be assassins allegedly working under Doku Umarov, a Chechen terrorist leader, the New York ... More »

Chechen Warlord Claims Moscow Airport Bomb

Doku Umarov threatens more attacks after blast that killed 36

(Newser) - A Chechen militant leader has claimed responsibility for the bombing that killed 36 people at Russia's biggest airport last month. Warlord Doku Umarov appears in a 16-minute video posted online in which he says the suicide bombing at Moscow's Domodedovo airport was carried out on his orders and warns of... More »

Rebel's Widow Likely One of Moscow Bombers

Dzhennet Abdurakhmanova's husband was killed late last year

(Newser) - Russian police believe that one of the suicide bombers who attacked Moscow Monday and left 39 dead is the very definition of a “black widow,” having lost her Caucasian Islamist militant husband to Russian security forces at the end of 2009. Dzhennet Abdurakhmanova, from Dagestan, was just 17.... More »

Medvedev Pledges 'Harsher, Crueler' Terror Crackdown

'We will find them all and punish them'

(Newser) - Russian President Dmitry Medvedev yesterday told security forces to use "harsher, crueler" tactics to fight the "scum" responsible for terrorist attacks. The comments, made during a surprise visit to Dagestan, where suicide bombers killed 12 Wednesday, evoked his ally Vladimir Putin's tough talk on terror, notes the Wall ... More »

Chechen Rebel Claims Subway Bombings

Warns Russians that more attacks are coming

(Newser) - A Chechen militant claimed responsibility today for this week's deadly subway bombings in Moscow. Doku Umarov, who leads Islamic militants in Russia's North Caucasus, said in a video posted on a pro-rebel website that the attacks were an act of revenge for the killing of civilians by Russian security forces.... More »

Russia Hunts Subway Bombing Accomplices

Chechen group suspected in deadly attack

(Newser) - Russian police are hunting for the group behind a suicide bombing in which two women killed at least 38 at a train station in Moscow today. Authorities are preparing to publish security camera photos of the five people involved in the bombing—the two bombers, said to be young women,... More »

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