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5 Bizarre Things Celebs Tussled Over in Divorce

Would you want Charlie Sheen's sperm?

(Newser) - Fighting over money and property is par for the course in a celebrity divorce. But these five couples, compiled by the Huffington Post , took things a step further:
  • Stephanie Seymour and Peter Brant: The nude bust they fought over was in Seymour's image, but it was commissioned by Brant.
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Stephanie Seymour Photos Aren't Incestuous

It's sad that we can't recognize maternal affection

(Newser) - The media is in a tizzy over the pictures of bikini-clad supermodel Stephanie Seymour frolicking on the beach with her “young, handsome, impeccably torsoed” … son. Immediately, websites and commenters alike were referring to their “incestuous” behavior, without stopping to consider that maybe Seymour was simply “engaging... More »

20 Must-Read Celebrity Bios

Need a good beach (or bathroom) read? Try these

(Newser) - To understand how women have defined “celebrity” over the past century, you have to read these 20 biographies. Or maybe, writes Tracie Egan Morrissey for Jezebel , you’re just looking for a trashy bathroom read. That works, too:
  • No Lifeguard on Duty, Janice Dickinson: The supermodel is “deliciously
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3 Stories