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McCain, Snooki Trade Tweets

The senator is so down with the lingo

(Newser) - Yesterday’s Awkward Tweet of the Day Award goes to John McCain, who made the world cringe when he started up a Twitter conversation with none other than Jersey Shore’s Snooki…about tanning. “u r right, I would never tax your tanning bed! Pres Obama's tax/spend policy is... More »

Tanning Salon Tax Is Racist— to Whites

Fake-baking 'light-skinned Americans' unfairly targeted

(Newser) - The new tax on tanning salons may appear to be a measure to fight skin cancer, but according to yesterday's guest host on Glenn Beck's radio show, it's actually a racist attack on white people. "Who uses tanning?" Doc Thompson railed. "Is it dark-skinned people? I don't think... More »

2 Stories