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Palin Fizzles in Fox Debut

'Real American Stories' is one big snore platitude

(Newser) - Sarah Palin's new television show is like Sarah Palin—fuzzy on the details—but this time really dull, notes reviewer Hank Stuever. Real American Stories, which debuted last night, is a montage of college-aspiring poor kids, loyal dogs and soldiers whose plucky triumphs are meant to "reaffirm" what it... More »

Toby Keith Also Complains About Palin Show

Toby Keith: No, Palin didn't interview me

(Newser) - It looks like Fox News was at least two-thirds wrong when they said LL Cool J, Toby Keith, and Jack Welch "will speak to" Sarah Palin "for her inaugural episode of American Stories on April 1st.” Toby Keith has joined LL Cool J in denying that Palin... More »

Fox Cuts LL Cool J From Sarah Palin Show

Move comes after he complained it's an old interview

(Newser) - Twitter fight, over: LL Cool J won't appear on Sarah Palin's Fox News interview show. The network says it cut his recorded segment from tomorrow night's Real American Stories after he complained the show was simply recycling an interview from 2008. Earlier, the rapper blasted Fox on his Twitter page... More »

LL Cool J, Sarah Palin in 'Rap Battle' Over Fox Show

But really, LL, you might be overreacting a bit

(Newser) - LL Cool J is in the unlikeliest of “rap battles” with Sarah Palin over his appearance on her new Fox show. The rapper apparently gave an interview to Real American Stories , a website owned by Fox News, in 2008. That interview will now be featured on the premiere episode... More »

4 Stories