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Apple Unveils New iPad

Starting price is still $499

(Newser) - Apple launched its new iPad at a highly anticipated event today, the first major product announcement since Steve Jobs' death. As predicted, the new tablet features retina display and is available in a 4G LTE version on both Verizon and AT&T. With a resolution of 2048 x 1536, that'... More »

11 Things to Watch at Today's Big iPad 3 Reveal

But remember, with Apple, nothing is certain: Mashable

(Newser) - Apple is holding another one of its big events today, expected to be the unveiling of the iPad 3. Mashable runs down 11 things to watch for when it begins at 1pm ET:
  • Tim Cook will be "the main attraction." He may not be as theatrical as Steve
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iPad 3 to Be Unveiled March 7

New tablet to come in 4G LTE version

(Newser) - Apple's first major product launch since the death of Steve Jobs is set for March 7, sources tell iMore . The iPad 3 will be unveiled at an event in San Francisco, and the latest version of the company's tablet computer will be offered in models that run on... More »

Coming March 2: The iPad 2

Sources say big event is likely its unveiling

(Newser) - Good news for Apple fans: The iPad 2 is coming—soon. Apple will hold a big event March 2 in San Francisco, likely the unveiling of the iPad 2, sources tell All Things Digital . The new version is expected to be thinner than the original, with a better display, front-facing... More »

The iPad Goes International

'I wanted to touch it as soon as possible!'

(Newser) - Some 1,200 people waited in a half-mile-long line outside Apple's flagship store in Tokyo this morning in anticipation of the international iPad launch. "I wanted to touch it as soon as possible. I felt real excitement when it was finally in my hands," one man tells Reuters... More »

IPad WiFi Is Weak, Users Complain

Apple advises them to move closer to their router

(Newser) - Those lucky few who have managed to buy an iPad are finding to their dismay that its wireless capabilities aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. Complaints over weak WiFi signals, dropped connections, and slow web browsing are flooding into Apple, ComputerWorld reports. As of this afternoon, a... More »

iPad Goes on Sale

Apple stores all over see huge lines

(Newser) - Early adopters are out in force today to scoop up their iPads. One industry analyst tells the Wall Street Journal that Apple could sell 300,000 this weekend alone, though the company's been typically tight-lipped about pre-orders and expectations. Apple stores all over have huge lines, especially the flagship in... More »

Meet First Guy in Line for the iPad

Greg Packer, Stephen Colbert, ABC all excited for tomorrow's launch

(Newser) - Meet Greg Packer: He’s the first person in line for an iPad at New York City’s Fifth Avenue store, and he’s been waiting since Tuesday. But he’s not necessarily a big Mac fan…just a big fan of being first in line for things, from book... More »

Stunning iPad's a 'Game-Changer'

Apple's touch-screen tablet's a winner

(Newser) - The revolutionary iPad's a winner that largely lives up to Apple's hype, according to overwhelmingly positive early reviews. The tablet computer could easily replace the laptop for users focused on consuming instead of creating content, and who can live without a mouse—and Flash, say reviewers.
  • The device is "
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Even Apple Store Workers Haven't Seen the iPad

Company's intense secrecy applies to repair geniuses, too

(Newser) - The iPad hits stores Saturday, and Apple store employees are getting extensive coaching on how to sell it to the hordes expected to line up for one. There’s just one problem: They still haven’t touched the thing. “We haven’t seen it; we never do,” one... More »

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