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Periodic Table Adds Element

Copernicium (Cn) checks in at No. 112

(Newser) - Fourteen years after its discovery, a new element has been added to the periodic table. Copernicium (Cn) will take its place as element number 112 after a long dispute over naming. The leader of the victorious German team said he picked Copernicus to “salute an influential scientist who didn’... More »

After 13 Years, New Element Gets Name: Copernicium

Physicists dedicate element 112 to the father of the heliocentric solar system

(Newser) - The scientists who discovered the newest element want to name it “copernicium” to honor Nicolaus Copernicus, the astronomer who proposed the heliocentric theory of the solar system, the BBC reports. Element 112 was discovered in fusion experiments 13 years ago and added to the periodic table a few weeks... More »

2 Stories