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Google Renames Itself Topeka

Proclaims it a 'different kind of name for a different kind of company'

(Newser) - Google was so moved when Topeka, Kansas, changed its name to Google, that as of today, the company has changed its name to Topeka. “We didn’t reach this decision lightly,” writes Eric Schmidt on the official Topeka blog . “We had a fair amount of brand equity... More »

Greenville, SC, Joins Cities Sucking Up to Google

Town hopes to win fiber optics experiment with 'Lucky' campaign

(Newser) - Topeka, Kansas, isn’t the only midsize city sucking up to Google in hopes of hosting its high-speed fiber optic broadband experiment. Greenville, South Carolina, is giving Topeka a run for its money with its “We’re Feeling Lucky” campaign, a play on Google’s “I’m Feeling... More »

Duluth One-Ups Topeka in Google Wars

Minnesota town jokes it will name first-borns 'Google' or 'Googlette'

(Newser) - From this day forth, all-first born children of Duluth, Minnesota, shall be named Google or Googlette Fiber. Well, that’s not true, but the city has produced a parody video saying so in a rejoinder to Topeka. That city changed its name to Google in an effort to secure the... More »

Topeka Changes Name to Google

For a month, anyway; city wants to be test site for speedy Internet

(Newser) - There’s no such place as Topeka, Kansas—at least, not this month. Mayor Bill Bunten issued a proclamation temporarily changing the town’s name to “Google, Kansas—the capital city of fiber optics.” The town’s been trying to convince Google (the company) to make it a... More »

4 Stories