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Biden Complains After Ambush Interview

His office want to know: Were rules broken?

(Newser) - Joe Biden is not happy about the ambush interview that landed him on cable TV—and he’s letting the press gallery’s standing committee of correspondents know about it. Jason Mattera of the conservative blog Human Events caught Biden off guard last week by asking to take a photo... More »

Congressman Flips Out, Attacks 'Student'

Video appears to show Bob Etheridge hit camera

(Newser) - Conservative sites are abuzz with a new video in which a Democratic congressman appears to assault a pair of individuals with cameras harassing him on the street. When asked if he supports “the Obama agenda,” North Carolina Rep. Bob Etheridge smacks the camera out of one of the... More »

O'Reilly Henchman Ambushes Al Gore

Former VP does not respond to climate-change 'questions'

(Newser) - What would you do if an obnoxious cameraman accosted you on the way to lunch and started peppering you with loaded questions? You might well walk away in disgust, which is exactly what Al Gore did when cornered by Bill O’Reilly’s henchman Jesse Watters before a lecture at... More »

O'Reilly Busts Blogger for Franken Ambush

'You were disrespectful,' Fox host tells Jason Mattera.

(Newser) - Listen up, Bill O’Reilly tells young conservative blogger/author/ambush interviewer Jason Mattera: We can’t help being disrespectful sometimes, but it’s no way to get a scoop, or even nail an opponent. O’Reilly was referring to Mattera’s videotaped altercation with Al Franken, in which Mattera claims the... More »

4 Stories