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Pope Francis: I'm a Pharmacist, Prayer Is My Drug

Pontiff gives out rosaries in pill boxes, says 'good for the heart'

(Newser) - Joking that he's like a pharmacist, Pope Francis is promoting prayer as medicine for the heart. Appearing today at his studio window, Francis held up a rosary in a box designed to resemble a packets of pills, before volunteers distributed thousands of those boxes, which feature a design of... More »

'Real Men' Reach for Rosary Beads

Boomers recast prayer aid as 'weapon of spiritual warfare'

(Newser) - Pope Benedict says rosary beads are “experiencing a new springtime,” and the signs of the season are unexpected—American men. They're creating beads out of ball bearings or nylon, giving their sons rosaries with football-shaped beads, and using iPhone apps to pray. In Texas, the pickup-driving, camo-bedecked founder... More »

2 Stories