Baja California earthquake

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Baja Quake Portends 'Big One' for California

Unusual quake revealed new fault lines, moved old ones

(Newser) - The 7.2-magnitude earthquake that shook Baja California in April may have set the stage for a far more powerful quake in the not-too-distant future, according to seismologists. The quake revealed several previously unknown fault lines, and triggered big moves in others—including the Big Three of San Andreas, San... More »

Cal Quake Bumped Town 31 Inches South

April quake bounced Calexico closer to Mexico

(Newser) - The quake that rattled Calexico in April bumped the California border city almost a yard closer to Mexico, NASA says. NASA discovered the shift after sending a jet over the region to capture radar images of the deformation in the earth's crust caused by the 7.2 temblor, the Christian ... More »

5.7 Quake Rattles California

Earth moves during Padres game

(Newser) - A 5.7 magnitude earthquake rattled nerves in southern California yesterday but didn't cause any injuries or serious damage. The quake—part of a swarm of dozens of aftershocks from April's Baja California quake—could be felt throughout Los Angeles County and caused a brief interruption in a San Diego... More »

2 Killed as Earthquake Rattles Baja, SoCal

Quake centered near Mexicali, Baja

(Newser) - Two people were killed and at least 100 injured when a 7.2 earthquake struck Mexico and rocked southern California. The quake occurred before dawn and toppled buildings in the border town of Mexicali, in Baja some, 220 miles southeast of Los Angeles. It was the largest temblor on the... More »

4 Stories