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'iPad Arms Race' Hits Medical Supply Field

Apple finds a lucrative niche with sales reps

(Newser) - The iPad is quickly becoming the darling of an unexpected field: medical supply sales. Firms such as Medtronic and Abbott Labs are handing out thousands to their sales teams in what the Wall Street Journal describes as an "iPad arms race in the $200 billion medical-devices sector." The... More »

Toddlers: The New iPad Whizzes, Addicts

New generation's love of touchscreens could reshape media

(Newser) - The iPad is becoming a major hit with toddlers—or at least with toddlers who have parents happy to plunk a $500 gadget in their hands. Parents say kids as young as 18 months are learning their way around the iPad's touchscreen with uncanny speed. And after putting the device... More »

2M iPads Sold in 2 Months

Will be available in nine more countries in July

(Newser) - Want an iPad? Hurry up, because Apple might run out soon. Exactly one month after announcing it had sold one million iPads (in the first 28 days of release), Apple announced yesterday it has now sold two million. For the math-challenged, that’s one million iPads per month, Mashable reports.... More »

iPad Wrecks Netbook Sales

44% said they bought tablet over netbook

(Newser) - Netbook mania has hit the wall hard, and Apple's shiny new tablet could be to blame. Digging through some recent Morgan Stanley research, Fortune found some interesting charts showing that the growth of netbook sales took an abrupt dive in January—a victim, the researcher concludes, of the iPad's much-hyped... More »

Apple Sells 1 Million iPads in 28 Days

And it probably sold another 300K last weekend

(Newser) - It's been less than a month since the iPad hit stores, but Apple's already sold more than a million of them, the company announced Friday, as it launched the new, 3G-capable version of the product. “One million iPads in 28 days—that's less than half of the 74 days... More »

iPad Sales on Course to Double Estimates

Some 700K sold already, analysts estimate

(Newser) - Sales of the iPad appear to be on course to double and even triple estimates, Bloomberg reports. Initial sales may already have reached some 700,000 units, according to a Minneapolis analyst firm that had predicted sales of a mere 200,000. People waited at outlets across the nation in... More »

6 Stories