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Cats Love the Ladies— Manipulating Them, Too

A new study shows the bond between owners, cats is intense

(Newser) - If a dog is a man's best friend, then a cat just might be a woman's. A new study shows that the relationship between a cat and its owner is more intense than previously known, actually mirroring a human-only bond—particularly when the owner is female. Cats attach to humans,... More »

Owner Tosses Live Chicken Into Trash

Freddie the cockerel saved in the nick of time

(Newser) - The list of animals Brits are abandoning in wheelie trash bins is growing. First, it was a cat (captured on surveillance video), now an anxiously clucking chicken, whose owner apparently planned to toss the bird out with the trash without killing it. Freddie the cockerel was saved in the nick... More »

Man Marries Dying Cat

German wanted to tie the knot before animal's death

(Newser) - Most spouses consider their pets better listeners than their partners , but a German man is taking animal companionship to a whole new level: Uwe Mitzscherlich, 39, has unofficially married his dying cat, Cecilia, reports the BBC . Animal marriage is illegal in Germany, so Mitzscherlich paid an actress $395 to perform... More »

My Cat Tried to Kill Me

'All I heard was rrwwwrrrr hiss'

(Newser) - A pet cat freaked out after giving birth and "tried to kill" its owner, the woman reports. Jackie Ostermiller of Idaho was sleeping when she heard a strange noise. She saw her cat, Renesmee, and went to pick her up. "All I heard was rrwwwrrrr hiss," she... More »

4 Stories