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Obama, CIA Refuse to Justify Drone War

Secrecy reigns over deadly program

(Newser) - The CIA has ramped up its drone strikes under President Obama, killing somewhere between 1,350 and 2,250 people in Pakistan alone over the past three years. Yet the US has identified virtually none of those victims, nor provided any legal rationale for their killings, the Washington Post observes,... More »

WikiLeaks Founder Loves the Intrigue

Former hacker disdained in many quarters for rampant leaking

(Newser) - With WikiLeaks back in the news with the release of a video purporting to show an American helicopter killing civilians and journalists in Iraq, Mother Jones offers a not-very-flattering profile of site founder Julian Assange. He’ll admit he’s Australian, in his 30s, and a former computer hacker and... More »

2 Stories