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Key to Avoiding Skin Cancer: Shark Lotion?

Sharks tan, but don't get the disease

(Newser) - We're gonna need a bigger bottle of lotion. Researchers think that the key to curbing skin cancer may lie deep under the sea, among the sharks. The giant fish, honored this week by the Discovery Channel, are able to tan, but apparently they are impervious to skin cancer. Scientists... More »

Two Skin Cancer Drugs Hailed as 'Breakthroughs'

Both can significantly increase survival for those with metastatic melanoma

(Newser) - Two new drugs offer new hope to patients with metastatic melanoma, the typically lethal advanced form of skin cancer. The trial of PLX4032, or vemurafenib, was so successful that the study was halted after three months so that all patients could receive the new drug, the Los Angeles Times reports.... More »

New Vaccine May Cure Skin Cancer

Offers hope in fighting deadly melanoma

(Newser) - A new vaccine being tested in the UK may offer hope to patients suffering from the deadliest form of skin cancer. The drug, which attacks tumor cells and boosts the body's response to skin cancer without affecting healthy cells, appears to cure advanced melanoma in some patients. In a study... More »

3 Stories