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Binge-Drinking College Kids Are Happier

Study finds drinking is associated with social status

(Newser) - Well, this certainly won't help convince any college students to cut down on their boozing: A new study finds that those who binge drink are happier with their social lives than those who don't—and suggests that drinking in college may be more motivated by social factors than... More »

Today's College Is More Like Kindergarten

Students log just 27 hours of class, study time a week

(Newser) - In 1961, college students spent 16 hours in class each week and another 24 hours studying, making college the equivalent of a full-time job. Today, just 27 hours are spent in class and studying—or the same amount of time, the Washington Post points out, as the typical five-year-old spends... More »

Romney to Go-Getters: Borrow $20K From Parents?

ThinkProgress: It shows again he's 'out of touch'

(Newser) - Good advice for young entrepreneurs or another sign that Mitt Romney can't relate to ordinary Americans? Romney told Ohio college students yesterday that if they wanted to start a business, they should just borrow $20,000 or so from their parents, as a friend of his did. (Jimmy John... More »

Many Succeed in Business School Without Really Trying

Both students, teachers to blame

(Newser) - A senior accounting major at one Virginia university only goes to class to take tests or give presentations. On weeks he doesn't have a test, he may not crack open a textbook. If he has a take-home test, he can usually Google the answers. In a typical day, he says,... More »

Freshmen More Stressed Than Ever

First-year college students report low emotional health

(Newser) - College freshmen might not be learning much —but that doesn’t mean they’re not stressed. The levels of emotional health in incoming freshmen hit a record low last year, probably thanks in part to the recession. According to an annual survey, students who rated themselves as having “... More »

Kids Don't Learn Much in First 2 Years of College

They're more interested in socializing, surprise, surprise

(Newser) - Yet another reason to skip college : You probably won’t learn all that much anyway. A new book reveals that almost half of the undergrads in America learn basically nothing during their first two years, USA Today reports. Even after four years, 36% of students had made few significant gains... More »

Harvard Student Busted for Stealing Grants

He faked life story, prosecutors say

(Newser) - A former Harvard senior is facing 20 criminal charges for allegedly faking a life story to win admission to the university and then plagiarizing work to steal $45,000 in scholarship and grant money. Adam Wheeler's alleged deception was uncovered when a professor who suspected him of plagiarism went through... More »

Cops Probed After Beating Maryland Student

Man hit a dozen times with batons at celebration

(Newser) - Three Maryland cops are being probed after they were caught on video using their batons to repeatedly beat an unarmed, apparently unthreatening University of Maryland student. The attack occurred as the student was celebrating a basketball game victory on a College Park street with several other students last month. At... More »

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