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Why Ill. Hairdressers May Stare More Closely at Scalps

New law requires training so hairdressers can recognize signs of domestic abuse

(Newser) - The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence estimates that an incident in which one partner abuses another occurs once every 20 minutes in the US, which translates to more than 10 million incidents a year—and Illinois is hoping its hairdressers can now help those in peril, Yahoo Beauty reports. A... More »

Woman Goes on Crazy Rampage Over 'Knotted' Hair

Rachel Meyers faces misdemeanor assault, harassment charges

(Newser) - Don't mess with a woman's hair. That's the lesson after a US postal worker went on a rampage at a Manhattan salon last week after she blamed stylists for "screwing up her hair," police say. While wearing her work uniform Friday, Rachel Meyers, 26, allegedly... More »

Salon Shooter's Wife Said He'd Threatened Her

Scott Dekraai suffered from PTSD following a boating accident

(Newser) - Michelle Marie Fournier was scared of her ex-husband, telling friends that he had abused her, threatened to kill her, and once held a gun to her head. “She told me, ‘I can’t believe I got involved in this. He is not right … He’s going to... More »

Salon Robber Foiled By Gun-Wielding Customer...

... an off-duty cop getting her hair done

(Newser) - A Brooklyn hair salon took on a bit of the OK Corral yesterday when a would-be robber walked in and demanded everyone's money—and was met by a pistol-packing off-duty cop getting her hair done. The pair traded fire at close range in what the New York Post terms a... More »

Why I Got the 'Manzilian' Wax

Brazilians for guys? Increasingly popular, but not for the faint of heart

(Newser) - Jed Lipinksi didn’t realize it at first, but it would prove to be impossible for him to write a story about male waxing without getting waxed himself. After steadfastly declining several offers, Lipinski found himself getting a “Manzilian” from none other than Janea Padilha herself, the inventor of... More »

Cuba Liberates Its Hair Salons

Lucky barbers and beauticians will be able to work for themselves

(Newser) - Raul Castro has decided to get the Cuban government out of its citizens' hair. Barber shops and beauty salons with three or fewer seats will now be allowed to be owner-operated rather than run by the state. Cuba-watchers see the tentative loosening as the start of a long-anticipated—or at... More »

6 Stories