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Nuclear Option Looks Likely in Gorsuch Confirmation Fight

Dems are closing in on 41 votes

(Newser) - Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch is going to be confirmed one way or another, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell vowed on Sunday —and the Democrats appear ready to have it done the hard way. Senate Democrats are closing in on the 41 votes needed to block the confirmation, making... More »

When Did SCOTUS Nominations Get Nasty? In the Beginning

The first president to have a Supreme Court nominee rejected in the Senate: Washington

(Newser) - Merrick Garland never got a hearing, and Neil Gorsuch looks headed for a highly partisan showdown this week that could see the first successful filibuster of a Supreme Court nominee since the 1960s and Senate rules rewritten as Republicans try to put him in the seat that's been empty... More »

GOP Struggling to Dodge Gorsuch Filibuster

The 'nuclear option' is looking more likely

(Newser) - Neil Gorsuch is on course to become the first Supreme Court nominee to be successfully filibustered since the 1960s—and potentially the last to be filibustered in American history. The Republicans appear increasingly unlikely to get the eight Democrats' votes they need in the Senate to reach 60 and break... More »

Liberals, Don't Fight Trump's SCOTUS Pick

Neil Gorsuch will bring 'fairness,' 'decency': 'NYT'

(Newser) - Let the Supreme Court justice vetting begin—and may liberals let nominee Neil Gorsuch sail onto the bench. That's Neal Katyal's "give him a chance" opinion for the New York Times , in which he admits he's struggled to find a single thing President Trump "has... More »

Democrats Vow to Block Gorsuch From 'Stolen Seat'

The battle could drag on for months

(Newser) - President Trump unveiled Neil Gorsuch as his Supreme Court nominee Tuesday night, and if the process goes very smoothly, the court could finally be back to nine members as soon as April—but you won't find many people willing to bet on the process going smoothly. The Washington Post... More »

Trump's SCOTUS Announcement Goes Prime Time

President will name his choice live on TV Tuesday at 8pm

(Newser) - Donald Trump is returning to prime time. The president on Monday morning announced via Twitter that he'd be naming his pick for the Supreme Court live on TV. The 8pm Tuesday announcement speeds up the original plan, which the New York Times reports had Antonin Scalia's replacement being... More »

Obama: 'I've Made My Decision' on SCOTUS Pick

List reportedly down to 3 names, announcement at 11am

(Newser) - President Obama will name his choice to succeed Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court Wednesday morning. Though Senate Republicans continue to insist that no nominee will pass the chamber in this election year, Obama has said all along that he will move forward. The list had been winnowed to three... More »

Sources: Obama Considering GOP Governor for SCOTUS

Brian Sandoval reportedly being vetted

(Newser) - President Obama on Wednesday told the Senate to do its job and at least give his eventual Supreme Court nominee a hearing: "They are then free to vote whatever their conscience dictates," he told reporters, per CBS News , but it's clear their "constitutional duties" include at... More »

Robert Bork, Polarizing High Court Nominee, Dies

Famed conservative jurist died of heart complications

(Newser) - Robert Bork, the conservative judge whose 1987 nomination to the Supreme Court sparked a political brawl and ended in failure, died today of heart complications, reports Fox News . He was 85. Bork was a solicitor general who became acting attorney general under Richard Nixon during the height of the Watergate... More »

Senate Panel OKs Kagan

Supreme Court nomination now goes to full Senate

(Newser) - The Senate Judiciary Committee voted today to approve Elena Kagan's nomination to the Supreme Court. The 13-6 vote sends Kagan's nomination to the full Senate, where she's expected to be confirmed as early as next week to succeed John Paul Stevens. Just one Republican, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, joined... More »

Why I'm Voting Against Kagan

Cites treatment of military recruiters at Harvard

(Newser) - It won't derail her near certain confirmation, but John McCain today declares that he's voting against Elena Kagan for the Supreme Court. In an op-ed for USA Today , McCain cites her tenure as dean of the Harvard Law School, when "she unmistakably discouraged Harvard students from considering a career... More »

Specter Chides Kagan on Dodging, May Vote No

But her confirmation appears certain

(Newser) - Elena Kagan has demonstrated a winning sense of humor during her confirmation hearings, but count Democrat Arlen Specter among those unamused. When she refused (as she has throughout the hearings) to provide a detailed response to a legal question, he cut her short to criticize her evasion and warned that... More »

Kagan Hearings? Let's Doodle Instead

As expected, day 2 produces no bombshells

(Newser) - Elena Kagan had a testy exchange in the morning with Jeff Sessions over her role in military recruiting at Harvard, but day 2 of her Supreme Court nomination hearings has been "rather unilluminating," writes Newsweek . (Though a photo of Al Franken sketching Sessions during the hearings was kind... More »

Kagan Refuses to Discuss Her Legal Views

Sessions grills Supreme Court nominee over military controversy

(Newser) - Elena Kagan began today’s round of confirmation questioning by declaring that it would be inappropriate for her to discuss how she might rule on future Supreme Court cases. That's ironic, the New York Times notes, because Kagan once wrote that confirmation hearings had taken on “an air of... More »

Kagan: 'I Will Listen Hard'

Supreme Court nominee treads lightly in opening statement

(Newser) - The first day of Elena Kagan's confirmation hearings has concluded, as expected, without any fireworks. "I will listen hard, to every party before the court and to each of my colleagues. I will work hard," the Supreme Court nominee and current solicitor general said. " And I will... More »

What Senators Should Ask Elena Kagan

Confirmation hearings must focus on big picture

(Newser) - The process Elena Kagan once derided as a "vapid and hollow charade" gets under way tomorrow when the solicitor general appears before the Senate Judiciary Committee as President Obama's second Supreme Court nominee. "Instead of playing cat-and-mouse with the nominee about how she would rule in future cases,... More »

Kagan Testimony 'a Big Deal'

Would-be justice dominates Sunday shows

(Newser) - On the seventh day, Elena Kagan did not rest: The pint-size solicitor general dominated the Sunday shows today, with key Republican Jeff Sessions saying , "She has so little other record" that her coming testimony "is going to be a big deal." Newt Gingrich was disgusted with Kagan's... More »

Kagan's Thesis Proves She's an 'Avowed Socialist'

Says Erick Erickson; other bloggers yawn

(Newser) - Erick Erickson, the right-winger commenter CNN hired to much derision , has gotten his hands on Elena Kagan's college thesis, and he sums it up with typical understatement: "This proves Elena Kagan is an open and avowed socialist," he writes for Red State . "The woman declares that socialists... More »

Kagan: Not Gay, but Maybe Too Smart

She's an unmarried woman, okay?

(Newser) - Forget all the "baseless chatter" about Elena Kagan, writes Ruth Marcus. "She's not gay, OK?" Marcus believes Kagan's law school roommate , who also happens to be a friend. In fact, she wishes Kagan were gay, because it would be easy to write a column about how a homosexual... More »

5 Ill-Fated Supreme Court Picks

Cronyism, racism, marijuana have done in earlier nominees

(Newser) - Elena Kagan seems likely to be confirmed as a Supreme Court justice, although critics are comparing her to some of the worst picks of the past. The Week takes a look at some that didn't make it.
  • Harriet Miers, (George W. Bush, 2005). Labeled "My Little Crony" over her
... More »

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