Tibet earthquake

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China to Monks: Get Out of Quake Zone

Beijing declares today day of mourning for Qinghai quake victims

(Newser) - Thousands of Tibetan monks who rushed to assist earthquake relief efforts in China's Qinghai province are getting the boot. The monks have played a vital role in the aftermath of the last week's earthquake in the predominately Tibetan region and beat the military to some areas. Chinese officials, however, say... More »

China Cremates Quake Dead

Number of victims makes 'sky burials' impossible

(Newser) - Monks wearing face masks set ablaze piles of the blanket-wrapped bodies of China's earthquake victims on a mountaintop today, as necessity forced Tibetans to break with the tradition of leaving their dead out for vultures. Hundreds of villagers sat on the hillside, watching as the flames leapt skyward, while monks... More »

400 Dead in China Quake

Victims trapped after 6.9 shaker rattles Tibetan plateau

(Newser) - At least 400 people were killed, some 10,000 injured and scores buried in collapsed buildings when a series of earthquakes up to 6.9 magnitude hit the western Tibetan plateau this morning. Chinese authorities are scrambling to get rescue workers to the sparsely populated area, which is mainly inhabited... More »

3 Stories