Thomas Drake

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WikiLeaks to Iceland: Grant Snowden Asylum

Assange cites 'personal sympathy' for leaker

(Newser) - After a year in Ecuador's embassy , Julian Assange is now seeking asylum for someone else. WikiLeaks is in talks with Iceland's government to secure asylum for Edward Snowden, Assange said; an Iceland spokeswoman said Snowden supporters have indeed been pushing for it, the New York Times reports. The... More »

Whistleblower Gets Plea Deal in NSA Case

White House had hoped to send message on leaks

(Newser) - A White House attempt to crack down on classified leaks is fizzling with a misdemeanor plea deal, reports the Washington Post . Former NSA official Thomas Drake will plead guilty to using a government computer to share information with an unauthorized person— who happened to a be a Baltimore Sun reporter... More »

Ex-NSA Exec Indicted Over Leaks to Media

He allegedly told newspaper about Bush intel policies

(Newser) - A former National Security Agency executive has been indicted on 10 felony charges for allegedly leaking classified details of the Bush administration’s intelligence policies to a national newspaper. The indictment alleges that Thomas Drake, a former big shot in the agency’s Signals Intelligence Directorate, sent hundreds of emails... More »

3 Stories