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Senator Seeks Ban on 'Bath Salt' Drugs

Schumer wants feds to outlaw mephedrone, MPDV

(Newser) - New York's Sen. Chuck Schumer is seeking a nationwide ban on a pair of recreational drugs being sold as "bath salts ." The Democrat plans to introduce a bill that would outlaw the drugs mephedrone and MPDV, Reuters reports. The substances, already banned in the European Union and three... More »

Cops Take Dim View of 'Sparkle' Drug

Mystery ingredients scare health experts

(Newser) - No sooner is one apparently dangerous drug made illegal when another pops up. Now, just days after Britain cracked down on the stimulant mephedrone following deaths linked to the drug, police are warning about the latest legal high, "Sparkle." The drug, dubbed "legal mephedrone," causes euphoria... More »

2 Stories