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Aussie Student Solves Heavy Cosmic Mystery

She finds the 'missing' mass astrophysicists have been seeking

(Newser) - An Australian aerospace engineering student has cracked a mystery that has puzzled scientists for years. ABC Australia reports that undergraduate Amelia Fraser-McKelvie, 22, was on a scholarship program at Melbourne's Monash University when she discovered that the universe has a greater mass than is currently visible. Astrophysicists have held... More »

Four Planets Align This Month

Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter in rare convergences

(Newser) - This month, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter will take part in a series of what calls "celestial summit meetings." The four planets will converge twice to form a "trio," defined as an instance when three planets fit in a circle with a minimum 5-degree... More »

Secret UFO Military Tape Released

'It's coming this way!' shouts airman

(Newser) - Audiotape of a baffling UFO sighting has been released, featuring excited American military investigators discussing what they see. Airmen from Bentwaters US Air Force base in Britain talk breathlessly of a "strange red light" that vanishes then reappears, "some form of energy," and barnyard animals going crazy... More »

Expert Tracks Ancient UFO Reports

Alien encounters may be older than we think, says Close Encounters whiz

(Newser) - Maybe we were never alone. A French UFO expert believes our first experiences with aliens may have occurred centuries ago. Though 90% of ancient reports of baffling sky sightings can be explained away, several others are "provocative" enough to merit further study, says Jacques Valle, who inspired the character... More »

Use Your Computer to Find ET

SETI retooling Web site, publishing search program

(Newser) - The massive Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence project headquartered in California is reconfiguring its Web site and revealing its detection program to make it far easier for amateur seekers everywhere to join the quest for alien life in the cosmos. "Soon it will be time for you to get involved,... More »

5 Stories