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Current Hysteria Harkens Back to Witch Hunts of WWII, Cold War

We risk repeating the 'tragedy' of civil rights violations of past, 1.2K historians warn

(Newser) - Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it—which is why 1,200 US history scholars have a lesson for America. In a statement, they ask people to recall World War II, when 120,000 Japanese Americans were imprisoned simply because of racism and hysteria. Next fast-forward... More »

History Might Decide to Like Obama Just Fine

For starters, he won a second term: Nate Silver

(Newser) - Neither of Nate Silver's picks even made it to the Super Bowl, but the stats whiz returns his gaze to politics today—specifically how President Obama might rank in history when all is said and done. Yes, he's aware that what Obama does or doesn't do in... More »

No, Palin's Wrong About Paul Revere: Experts

Author of book on revolutionary calls interpretation 'obvious blooper'

(Newser) - How can this be so complicated? Just as some historians are reluctantly backing up Sarah Palin's interpretation of revolutionary Paul Revere and his famous midnight ride, other historians are saying, no, she was wrong-o. "He didn't warn the British," as Palin said Revere did, according to... More »

Historians Battle Wal-Mart Over Civil War Site

Local officials have approved new store location in northern Virginia

(Newser) - Renowned historians and preservationists are primed to take on Wal-Mart in a legal battle over the placement of a new store: in a rural northern Virginia town next to the site of a key Civil War battle. Wal-Mart won approval for the location from a local board in 2009, but... More »

Why Archiving Tweets for Posterity Is a Wise Move

Historians might love to know what you ate for breakfast

(Newser) - Lots of people are snickering over the Library of Congress' decision to archive everything tweeted on Twitter, but Christopher Beam doesn't think it's "especially crazy." It will provide historians with a treasure trove of the mundane, giving them insights into how ordinary people lived and thought that would... More »

5 Stories