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Town's Fear of Solar Farms Is an Internet Sensation

Especially one guy's concern about panels sucking up all the sun's energy

(Newser) - The town of Woodland, North Carolina, is taking a drubbing online after its town council not only shot down a proposed solar farm but put a moratorium on future similar projects. It wasn't the mere rejection, however, that's drawing ridicule but some of the comments made by local... More »

I Won't Mow My 'Nuisance' Lawn

Proponent of 'natural lawn' is fighting her township

(Newser) - Sarah Baker lives on about an acre of land in St. Albans Township, Ohio, and she hasn't fired up the mower once this season. Township officials have deemed her lawn a "nuisance" and are threatening to send in a mowing company and to exact a steep fine. Baker... More »

'The Wind Bloweth': Court Gives Obama Victory on Smog

Ginsburg quotes Bible in siding with EPA on coal plants

(Newser) - A Bible verse is getting heavy quotation today in a Supreme Court decision seen as a big victory for the EPA and the White House on air pollution. In her majority opinion, Ruth Bader Ginsburg cited the Gospel according to John, notes the Washington Post : “The wind bloweth where... More »

Florida City Cites Woman ... for Living Off-Grid

She won't hook up to water or electric, though she did use the sewer system

(Newser) - A Florida woman is in a legal fight with the city of Cape Coral for the right to live without municipal water or electricity—off the grid, as she puts it to WBBH-TV . The city just played a trump card, though: It capped the sewer at the house of 50-something... More »

Why 3 Women Ditched Toilet Paper

They tell Huff Post Live of their switch to reusable cloths to help the environment

(Newser) - There's going green—dutifully recycling, switching to Al-Gore-approved light bulbs, reusing your grocery bags—and then there's this: going without toilet paper. Three women explain to Huff Post Live why they made the switch to reusable cloths and discuss the logistics of the choice that even they admit... More »

Most Solar Panels Facing the Wrong Way

Study suggests they should be oriented west, not south

(Newser) - If you happen to have solar panels on your house, they might need a change of direction. A new study suggests that the standard industry advice (at least in this hemisphere) of having the panels face south is wrong, reports National Geographic . Try west instead. The study by the Pecan... More »

Want to Save the Planet? Stay Home

Slate columnist thinks green-friendly people turn blind eye to travel

(Newser) - Some items for your how-to-be-green list: Recycling bin? Check. Al Gore-approved lightbulbs? Check. Reusable grocery bags? Check. Cancel your vacation plans? Ch... wait, what? Christie Aschwanden thinks lots of enviro-friendly folks are getting off too easy, she writes at Slate . They grab on to all the relatively simple things but... More »

O'Hare's New Grounds Crew: Goats

Herd will munch on airport vegetation

(Newser) - Chicago has hired a herd of goats to keep vegetation in check around O'Hare airport, reports the Tribune . About 25 goats will arrive in about a month and start chomping on 120 acres, with a focus on hard-to-mow embankments and areas with dense brush. A shepherd will be around... More »

Why Tonight's Earth Hour Is Misguided

Bjorn Lomborg: It's just 'vain symbolism' that sends the wrong message

(Newser) - The annual Earth Hour celebration in which locales and individuals across the world turn off lights at 8:30pm local time is under way once again today. You will not catch Bjorn Lomborg in the dark, however. This gimmicky stunt sends the message that beating global warming is easy and... More »

And America's Greenest Cities Are...

Separating the composters from the posers

(Travel + Leisure) - As part of the annual America's Favorite Cities survey, Travel + Leisure readers ranked 35 metropolitan areas on a variety of travel-friendly qualities, from cleanliness to great public parks, which offset that urban asphalt and improve air quality. Without further ado, the top 20 greenest cities in America:
  1. Portland:
... More »

Hey, Landlords: Plant a Tree, Then Jack Rent

Properties go for about $5 more a month if they have a tree: Study

(Newser) - Landlords, grab your shovels. Having a tree on your property translates to an extra $5.62 a month in rent. So say two researchers (one of them from the Forest Service) who played around with Craigslist apartment listings in Portland, Oregon, along with tree data on Google Earth, reports Good ... More »

People Like Going Green —but Not for Laundry

Consumers skeptical about cold-water detergents, even as they improve

(Newser) - The science behind washing laundry exclusively in cold water has come a long way in recent years, but consumers just aren't buying it—literally. The New York Times notes that sales of cold-water detergents are languishing, even though they generally measure up to their hot-water counterparts and save on... More »

Celebs, Green Activists Plan DC Summer Protests

Danny Glover, others seek pipeline foes willing to risk arrest

(Newser) - Actor Danny Glover is among a group of celebrities and green activists seeking volunteers to risk arrest this summer in DC over a proposed oil pipeline that would run from the Canadian tar sands to the Gulf Coast. “We want you to consider doing something hard: coming to Washington... More »

Recession Killing 'Green' Demand

Consumers say they want these products, but won't pay for them

(Newser) - Clorox had big hopes for its “Green Works” line when it introduced it in 2008, promising it would “move natural cleaning into the mainstream.” But thanks to the recession, that hasn’t actually worked out, the New York Times reports; Green Works sales have fallen from more... More »

Bolivia to Give Nature Same Rights as Humans

Nation will create ministry of mother earth

(Newser) - Bolivia will soon put in place a first-of-its-kind law that gives Mother Nature the same rights as humans. The idea behind the Law of Mother Earth is to try to rein in pollution and the exploitation of natural resources, reports the Guardian . It grants nature several rights, including the "... More »

Obama's 5-Ton Limo Exempt From Green Car Policy

No hybrid engine could haul that puppy

(Newser) - President Obama this week rolled out some ambitious goals toward making the federal government's fleet of cars more fuel-efficient, but his critics are likely to have fun with one thing in particular: His big limo is exempt. (Drudge has been highlighting the exemption with an upside photo of the president.... More »

Lights Dim for Earth Hour

It's that time of year again: 8:30pm local

(Newser) - Earth Hour is back for the fifth year, with cities around world dimming the lights at 8:30pm local time. Last year, nearly 130 nations took part, and National Geographic thinks the number could be bigger this year. The idea is to raise awareness of energy conservation: Click to read... More »

Why Plastic Isn't Evil

It's just the way we use plastic that's the problem: Susan Freinkel

(Newser) - Plastic is the material environmentalists love to hate, but it's getting a bad rap, writes author Susan Freinkel in the New York Times . These days, plastic is equated with junk and litter because we waste it on things like shopping bags and drinking straws. "If we understood plastic’s... More »

Congress Buys GOP's Foam Cups From Ex-Koch Exec

But the cafeteria managers, not GOP, chose his company

(Newser) - The GOP's decision to bring back Styrofoam cups to a Capitol cafeteria has been a real boon for an old pal of the seemingly ever-present Koch brothers. The owner of WinCup, the company supplying the Styrofoam cups, is a former Koch Industries exec, the Huffington Post reports. But everybody swears... More »

Save the Economy: Ride a Bike

You'll save money, and local businesses get a boost

(Newser) - Think of it as the "bicycle economy," writes Elly Blue in Grist . Ditching your car for a bike not only saves you thousands of dollars every year, it boosts local businesses. "It's amazing how much money can stay in your community when it isn't being pumped into... More »

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