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Radar Found a 'Superhenge' of Stones. Then the Digging Began

Actual excavation revealed holes once filled with timber

(Newser) - Remember the huge stone monument archaeologists found buried two miles from Stonehenge in the UK last year? Well it turns out that the so-called "Superhenge" that radar suggested was made of 100 or so large stones was actually stoneless. "The response from the radar was so good that... More »

Manhattan May Get World's First Underground Park

Remote skylight solar tech could allow enough natural sunlight for photosynthesis

(Newser) - In 2009, right around the time the first section of the much-lauded High Line project opened to the public, offering New Yorkers access to an unused section of elevated railroad tracks in Manhattan that had been transformed into a green space, a couple of guys chatted one night over "... More »

There's a Giant 'Super Henge' Underneath Stonehenge

Underground mapping reveals network of Neolithic monuments, stones: scientists

(Newser) - Some observers believe Stonehenge was once a full circle of enormous stones—and now there seems to be proof there are even more Neolithic monuments underneath it. A lot of them: Radar mapping that's peeked as far as 2 miles beneath the surface has uncovered an elaborate subterranean network... More »

Big Find Under Kenya: Rhode Island-Sized Lake

It, along with 2nd aquifer, could supply country for 70 years

(Newser) - It's another kind of liquid gold: Technology typically used to find oil has instead led scientists to massive lakes, or aquifers, hundreds of feet beneath some of Kenya's driest land. UNESCO yesterday announced that five aquifers were identified and two have thus far been verified in the Turkana... More »

Russia Sect Spent Decade Underground —Literally

Islamist group kept 27 children from seeing daylight

(Newser) - Russian authorities have freed 27 children who were living in underground cells as part of an Islamist sect. Some of the kids, ages 1 to 17, had never experienced daylight before, the Telegraph reports. They lived in the dark, without heat, among 70 members of the Tatarstan province sect, many... More »

Huge Hidden River Found Under Amazon

Rio Hamza is up to hundreds of times wider

(Newser) - Thought the Amazon river was impressive, covering more than 4 million square miles in South America? Try the hidden river beneath it, which apparently equals the Amazon in length and is up to hundreds of times wider. Dubbed the Rio Hamza (after the head of the Brazilian team that found... More »

Saturn Moon May Hide Underground Ocean

Salt water ice spewing out from under the surface

(Newser) - Saturn’s moon Enceladus is spewing what appears to be chunks of ice composed of salt-water vapor out of fractures in its southern pole, leading scientists to believe there may be a massive ocean lurking beneath its surface. The plumes were first discovered by the Cassini-Huygens spacecraft some time ago,... More »

For Many in Beijing, Home Is Deep Underground

Cellars and even bomb shelters are turned into low-cost housing

(Newser) - With real estate prices soaring in Beijing, millions can't afford an apartment ... and more and more people are being forced underground, into makeshift apartments in cellars and even bomb shelters, reports Der Spiegel . Few of these accommodations have kitchens or emergency exits, and they are often illegal, but they are... More »

Chefs Going Underground to Test Limits

Covert, communal dining catching on, to health officials' chagrin

(Newser) - Across the country, stealthy foodies are dropping coin and risking, if not imprisonment, then a strong reprimand, to dine at so-called “underground restaurants,” the New York Times reports. Intrepid chefs are experimenting with creative recipes in communal settings, skipping from apartment to apartment, often just steps ahead of... More »

London Transit Strike Off, But Headaches Still On

Tube labor action tangles up entire city

(Newser) - The union representing London’s Tube workers has called off a threatened 3-day strike after a day of shutdowns that hobbled the city’s transit system, but commuters still face lingering aftershocks. Transit of London, which runs the Underground, and the RMT union say they made sufficient progress yesterday to... More »

Iranians Embrace Underground Fashion Shows

Stylish rebels flout fundamentalism

(Newser) - Under the nose of Iran's fundamentalist Islamic government, Western standards and customs are gaining ground. From satellite dishes to hip-hop parties to screenings of banned films, temptations abound. The LA Times goes behind the scenes of a fashion show in Tehran, where women and men mix freely and models flash... More »

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