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10 Fall Shows You Must Watch

Matthew Perry and Hawaii Five-O are both back

(Newser) - It’s never too early to start scheduling your DVR for fall’s new TV. Entertainment Weekly critic Ken Tucker lists the 10 shows he’s most eagerly anticipating:
  1. Mr. Sunshine: Matthew Perry is the owner of a sports arena and has Allison Janney for a boss. Tucker calls the
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This Back-Up Plan's More a D Than a B

Critics prefer childbirth to Jennifer Lopez's latest rom-com

(Newser) - Jennifer Lopez stars as a perennially single woman who meets Mr Right just after her artificial insemination is a success in The Back-Up Plan, a romantic comedy that spawned more contempt than kudos among critics.
  • Mary Pols at Time suffered through 41 weeks of pregnancy and 25 hours of labor,
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2 Stories