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Hell Breaks Loose Over Depp's Drunk Jesus Song

Some Christians angry Jesus is blitzed in lyrics

(Newser) - Having Jesus turn up for a bachelor night is bad enough. But when Johnny Depp sang about him drinking then passing out on the floor in a new song, it was more than some Christians could bear. The Christian Coalition says Depp and members of the indie band Babybird "... More »

Johnny Depp Directs Moody New Music Video

Actor doesn't appear in British indie band's video, but it's beautiful nonetheless

(Newser) - Sorry, fellow Johnny Depp lovers: He’s not actually in the music video he directed for British indie band Babybird, but it’s definitely worth watching anyway. The “Unloveable” vid was inspired by the Ambrose Bierce short story “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge,” The Frisky notes.... More »

2 Stories