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Man Stuns Cops by Confessing Life as Hitman

Jose Manuel Martinez suspected in as many as 40 deaths

(Newser) - When police arrested Jose Manuel Martinez, they suspected him only of the 2013 shooting of a man who made the mistake of insulting his daughter. So they were taken aback and a bit skeptical when the 51-year-old said he'd been a cartel hitman since age 16, and a good... More »

AT&T's 'Exciting' Experiment: Kill Town's Landline

What's happening in Carbon Hill, Ala., a sign of things to come nationwide

(Newser) - Some 40% of US households no longer use landline phones, and in an Alabama town, they could soon disappear entirely. In what the Wall Street Journal calls an "experiment," AT&T is looking to rid the town—as well as part of Delray Beach, Fla.—of landlines... More »

Judge to Lesbian Couple: No, You Can't Divorce

Judge says Alabama couple can't legally split

(Newser) - A lesbian couple is caught in a weird vortex of differing laws on gay marriage: They want to divorce but can't do so legally. Michelle Richmond and Kirsten Allysse Richmond got married in Iowa in 2012 but later moved to Alabama, which doesn't recognize same-sex marriage. Yesterday, a... More »

Police Shoot Unarmed Airman in the Stomach

Alabama officer opened fire on the young man—but why?

(Newser) - Police shot an unarmed Air Force airman in the stomach Thursday after the 20-year-old pulled over on an Alabama freeway, the man's family says. Michael Davidson was driving from Texas to an Air Force base near Goldsboro, NC, when he became too tired to drive, decided to pull over,... More »

Alabama Woman Lives With Dead Hubby for Weeks

Police had to break into house of elderly woman with Alzheimer's

(Newser) - An elderly Alabama woman lived with her dead husband for about a month before police broke into her house and discovered the sad scene, NBC News reports. Doris Kirby, 78, has Alzheimer's disease and didn't realize that police were there to check on her, at the request of... More »

Surgeon Walked 6 Miles in Snowstorm to OR

Dr. Zenko Hrynkiw helped out a few stranded strangers along the way

(Newser) - You think you're dedicated to your job? Probably not compared to this guy: Dr. Zenko Hrynkiw was needed for an emergency brain surgery at Birmingham, Alabama's Trinity Medical Center on Tuesday morning, but he was six miles away at another hospital. With a snowstorm raging and traffic at... More »

National Guard to Escort 2.4K Atlanta Kids Home

There have been 791 accidents

(Newser) - The National Guard is being called in to help escort school buses as they evacuate the 2,400 students who have been trapped in Atlanta-area schools and buses since yesterday's three inches of snow , Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal announced today. State police will also be involved. Deal said the... More »

School to New President: No Hanky Panky in Your Room

Alabama State University has odd rule for incoming leader

(Newser) - Want to be president of Alabama State University? Fine, but you have to live on campus and can only co-habit with a love interest if it's your spouse. Gwendolyn Boyd signed just such a contract on Jan. 2 and will start running the historically black school on Feb. 1,... More »

Duck Dynasty Star's Latest Supporter: Alabama Senator

Meanwhile, fans create 'Chick-Phil-A Day'

(Newser) - An Alabama lawmaker thinks it's important his state be on-record as supporting Phil Robertson (who is from Louisiana). Alabama state Sen. Jerry Fielding has written a resolution declaring that legislators "stand united" against A&E's "deplorable" decision to oust Robertson who "should be celebrated as... More »

Alabama Grants Scottsboro Boys Posthumous Pardons

Last 3 teens finally see their names cleared

(Newser) - Eighty-two years after they were falsely accused of raping two white women, all of the "Scottsboro Boys" have been pardoned. Alabama's Board of Pardons and Paroles pardoned the last three today after a unanimous vote, the Montgomery Advertiser reports. Nine black teens were accused of the rapes in... More »

High School Really Sorry About 'Trail of Tears' Taunt

Attempt to intimidate rival Alabama high school was dismal failure

(Newser) - A central Alabama high school's principal yesterday explained that the person tasked with approving all football banners is out on maternity leave. And so this is what happened at McAdory High School in McCalla on Friday in her absence: The cheerleading squad made a massive "bust-thru" sign designed... More »

Woman Exhumed From Grave in Front Yard

Alabama family loses court fight to keep her there

(Newser) - The body of an Alabama woman was removed from her front-yard grave today after a lengthy court fight . Widower James Davis, who kept a promise to bury his wife at their log cabin home in Stevenson, says he now plans to cremate her remains and keep them in the house.... More »

Harper Lee Battles Her Hometown's Tiny Museum

Files a lawsuit against the Monroe County Heritage Museum

(Newser) - Harper Lee is apparently as litigious as she is reclusive. The To Kill a Mockingbird author has, in the Guardian's words, "shocked" her hometown of Monroeville, Ala., by suing its local museum. The 87-year-old's accusation: that the nonprofit is making use of her fame without compensation. The... More »

Man Finally Agrees to Dig Wife's Body Up From Yard

But after 4 years, the fight still may not be over

(Newser) - An Alabama man who has been fighting local government since 2009 for the right to keep his wife's grave in his front yard has finally backed down: He has said he will dig up her body and have it cremated, so long as he can put the ashes back... More »

Alabama Lawmaker: Let's Castrate Child Molesters

Steve Hurst re-introduces bill

(Newser) - Steve Hurst, an Alabama state representative, is apparently determined to make surgical castration a legal punishment for child molesters. After a bill that would have done just that failed to make it past committee during the 2013 session, Hurst has re-submitted it for the 2014 session, the Florence Times Daily... More »

Alabama Declares State of Emergency

Tropical Storm Karen slated to hit tomorrow night

(Newser) - Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley declared a state of emergency today as his state prepares for a potentially fierce storm, reports. The governor warned that Tropical Storm Karen will bring high winds, heavy rains, and possibly tornadoes when it makes landfall tomorrow night. "Residents and businesses along Alabama’... More »

Surgeon General Announces Exit

Regina Benjamin to resign next month, may be eying congressional run

(Newser) - Four years after her appointment by President Obama, Surgeon General Regina Benjamin is leaving the job next month, she announced last night. "My goal was to create a grassroots movement, to change our health care system from one focused on sickness and disease to a system focused on wellness... More »

Wife to Facebook Floozies: Stay Away From Lawmaker

Heather McGill is tired of women sending husband Shadrack photos

(Newser) - The wife of an Alabama state senator helps run his Facebook account, so she's plenty familiar with all the women sending her husband come-hither photos and messages. "NO MORE!" wrote Heather McGill on Facebook on Monday night, in a diatribe spotted by Gawker . "It is a... More »

Mystery Illness Kills 2 in Alabama

5 others hospitalized with respiratory affliction

(Newser) - State and federal officials are scrambling to investigate a mysterious respiratory illness that has killed two people and left five others hospitalized in southeast Alabama. Officials describe the outbreak as a cluster of illnesses with flulike symptoms, with fever, coughing, and shortness of breath as the most important symptoms to... More »

Supreme Court Rejects Alabama Immigration Case

Only Scalia votes to hear it

(Newser) - The Supreme Court has rejected Alabama's appeal to revive portions of a state immigration law, including a section that made it a crime to harbor people who are living in the country illegally. The justices today left in place a federal appeals court ruling that blocked parts of the... More »

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